Alright, Trump, it's time for us to dig in and see how many bold-faced lies you and your administration have told us in your first week in office:

1. I really don't change my position very much

Oh, please. During the election people even made videos of a Trump vs. Trump debate, that's how often you've been changing your mind (or should I say, pandering.)

2. Tough for Christians, easy for Muslims

Sorry, Trump, according to a study done by Pew Research Center, you're full of it. In 2016, almost as many Christian refugees were admitted as Muslims. In fact, 37,521 Christian refugees were accepted, and 38,901 Muslim refugees were accepted. These numbers are nearly identical.

3. The number one source of income into Mexico are Mexicans working here and sending the money back

This is ridiculous, even on the surface level. According to the Office of United States Trade Representative, exports to Mexico come out to around $267.2 billion, while according to Pew, U.S. remittances to Mexico are only $24.3 billion. They're not only wrong, they're incredibly wrong.

4. Trump's claim that it's not a Muslim ban

This one's him just trying to be sneaky. Of course he's not going to come out and call it a Muslim ban, he'd be impeached within the hour. According to Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City, Trump approached him and asked him how he could do a Muslim ban, but do it legally. This one leads up directly to point 5.

5. Trump claims the ban is working out great

We've seen article after article showing that's just not true. There was a serious implementation issue, and it was an absolute disaster.

6. Trump's camp claimed a key advisor was in the navy and had extensive military experience

Well, this one's only half true. He was in the military, but he didn't have any real military experience when it comes to policy.


And that's not even half of the times he's lied in the first few days!



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