A video advertisement from the Mexican airline Aeroméxico shows how pointless all of this fuss over borders is, when they're just theoretical lines that humans just kinda made up. This narrated commercial was produced by the airline just under a year ago, when Trump first came out with his half-baked idea of building a wall. After the recent travel ban, it's resurfaced as a powerful defense against the attacks of ignorance.

The video shows images and video, all in black and white, that shows different methods governments have used to try to break the connections between human beings, dividing and pitting them against each other. At one point, the narrator calmly states, “I’ve seen borders built by hate, for speaking a different language, for men kissing men, or simply because someone didn’t want anything to do with someone next door.”

Children can be seen leaning against a fence, longingly looking to the other side. The message is clear: borders are not meant to bring people together, they're meant to separate us, and ultimately make us all weaker.

But the video doesn't end there. They eventually cut to a sweeping view of an Aeroméxico plane in the air, as the narrator observes that in the sky, there's no such thing as a barricade. It shows that even though some people will do all they can to separate, human spirit and ingenuity will always bring us back together. Ignorant people can surmount monuments of hate as much as they want, but humanity will still overcome.

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