Documents have surfaced that show that Donald Trump lied to the American people. President Trump still has a direct tie to his business interests through a trust that is governed by his son, Donald Trump Jr..

According to the paperwork, Trump is the sole beneficiary of the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust. It shows his social security number listed as the tax ID, according to the documents published by ProPublica, an investigative nonprofit. The documents also show that our president can revoke this trust at any time, and it was only amended to give him that power three days before his inauguration.

So all this means that even though Trump stepped down, he still stands to benefit from his company's dealings. This is incredibly dishonest!

Apparently the way they figured it out was that the trust holds a liquor license for a hotel that opened up over a year ago.

From the Daily Mail:

The trust contains a mix of cash from Trump's sales of stock investments over the summer and his physical and intellectual properties, such as Trump Tower in New York, Mar-a-Lago in Florida and branding rights.

The details align with what Trump and attorney Sheri Dillon outlined at a January 11 news conference about Trump's plan for what would become of his global business empire while he's president.

The previous ethics advisers to President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush and the leader of the Office of Government Ethics have said Trump has not gone nearly far enough to absolve himself of potential conflicts of interest.

So you're telling me Trump is an unethical and lying cronyist?

Tell me something I don't already know…

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