Now this is just sad, Trump. You've just hit a new low.

When arriving at an airport, Donald Trump and the first lady had an awkward exchange. When they first got off the plane, they were holding hands. But when a group of people started clapping, be briskly let go to join in the applause. Really Trump, you'll drop your woman's hand to give yourself some extra applause?

(Make sure to watch the video at the end to see this whole big mess of cringe.)

But from there, it gets even worse. She tried to reach for his hand again a few seconds later, at which point he gave her hand two pats, and promptly dropped it again. If you think, “Yeah, but that could be normal, right?” Think again.

A body language, Patti Wood, gave her take on it to The Daily Mail:

“‘Typically a hand-hold shows a couple as a unit,' body language expert Patti Wood told the Daily Mail. ‘But to me, I think he's been saying, “I want to be seen as the president on my own”, which is very much alpha. “I want to be just the powerful me.” And it's clear that that's his choice.'”

Wow, so he's so insecure about what people think that he can't even hold his wife's hand? He's self-conscience about this affection in public, but we're expected to think this guy can stand up to other tough world leaders and situations? The Obama's never seemed to have this problem.

Great job, Trump. You've somehow made yourself look even more incompetent in America's eyes.

Watch the cringey exchange here:

H/T: The Dail Mail

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