Trump keeps calling legitimate news outlets that call him out on his lies “fake news.” Not only that, but his media lackeys on the right are eating it up and repeating it like little trained mocking birds.

Well Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the popular program, “Morning Joe” has something to say about that.

She called out Trump and his entire administration out by calling them all a “fake presidency.”

She got with her co-host Joe Scaborough and together they listed quite a few of Trump's lies, false statements, and inconsistencies that have come from his administration in the very short time he's been in power. After that they played a clip of Trump going after the so-called “fake news” outlets, and for treating his former national security advisor  “very, very unfairly.”

From The Hill:

“He was the one who fired Gen. Flynn,” Scarborough said. “Of course Kellyanne lied and said Flynn quit. And there are all these other lies cascading out of the White House.”

“You have Kellyanne spreading alternative facts, saying things that aren’t true, you have Miller describing the powers of the presidency in an incorrect, inappropriate and lying fashion,” Brzezinski said.

Scarborough noted Trump aide Stephen Miller's claims of voter fraud in New Hampshire during the presidential election.

“It’s fake presidency,” Brzezinski chimed in.

“It's one lie on top of another lie, and then the president goes out and says what a great job he did,” Scarborough said.

Well said! Hopefully we can get rid of Trump before he causes any more damage!

H/T: The Hill


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