Sen. Edward Markey just came out with a bold statement against President Trump after he withdrew protections for transgender students that were put in place during the Obama-era. According to him, Trump must think LGBT stands for “Let's Go Back in Time.”

“President Trump seems to think #LGBT stands for Let's Go Back in Time. He's wrong,” Markey said in a Facebook post. “We stand with our transgender brothers and sisters in the fight to defend progress. All students deserve to feel safe and valued for who who they are. Shame on you, President Trump. #protecttranskids”

Luckily he was only one of many Democrat heroes that have been slamming the president over this, saying how it's ridiculous that he would think that removing these vital protections would actually benefit anyone.

According to The Hill:

Markey was one of many Democrats to slam the president after the Trump administration revoked regulations from former President Obama aimed at protecting transgender students at public schools across the country.

The Department of Justice and Department of Education released guidance late Wednesday rolling back the rules, citing the need for consideration over legal issues.
The Obama administration guidelines required public schools to allow students to use bathrooms and other facilities based on their gender identity.

In a statement on the move, the Trump administration said public schools will still ensure that LGBT students are protected from bullying and discrimination. However, the administration questioned whether transgender protections fell under Title IX, which prohibits discrimination based on sex.

Thank goodness we have these strong liberal heroes to defend the rights of Americans everywhere!

H/T: The Hill

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