A non-profit called VoteVets.org has released a powerful new message to President Trump concerning his ties and his administration's dealings with Russia.

News broke during the chaos of the election that Russia may have influenced the results, but Trump was quick to laugh it off. Intelligence agencies have hinted that they have proof of the tampering, but Trump has been committing all out war with them, which most people believe is a sign that they're on to something.

In the recent Comey testimony, the former FBI director said that he had no doubt in his mind that election manipulation happened, and that it was indeed Russian actors who carried it out.

VoteVets.org is tired of all this. In a strong Facebook post, they're calling Trump out. Here's their post:

In a stunning new ad, retired Rear Admiral Michael Smith says we’re putting President Trump on notice –we’re demanding the truth on his Russia ties.
Just to make sure Trump sees it, we’re airing it on his favorite shows: Morning Joe and FOX and Friends.

Call your Representative and Senators, and tell them to support an Independent Investigatory Commission to get the truth. And please spread this ad around!

The support on Facebook was overwhelming! Here are just a few of the comments:

Chuck Montoya commented on Facebook: “Sad when Generals and Admirals have to speak up. Where are our Congress men and women, and Representative missing in action!”

Tom Adams wrote: “Does conspiring with Russia to influence the presidential election constitute treason? If so, the penalty includes death (or a prison term of no less than 5 years).”

Sue Wilford chimed in, saying: “Please do follow through, Rear Admiral Michael Smith. The whole world is counting on you to protect our Democracy from this PINO in the White House and his traitorous cronies. I know there are plenty of people in powerful positions who will NOT be intimidated by his blustery threats and lies, and these are the people who can save us from the grave danger trump presents every day. His hateful manipulation and corruption must not be allowed to continue.

And I WILL continue to call my senators and reps to remind them we support an Independent Investigatory Commission to get to the truth. It's always interesting (and SO VERY maddening) to see their (Ernst & Grassley's) limp excuses for standing behind this corrupt PINO putz at every turn, while assuring me that my concerns are uppermost in their considerations. They lie. Party and power is their priority, and it's up to US to show them where their priorities should be.”

James Curci commented: We want the truth,whole truth,and nothing but the truth. Good luck with that one Trump is a pathological liar and always has been.

Trump's head is so far up in the clouds that I'm not sure if he'll see this or not, but we can only hope!

It's time to get answers for what happened in 2016. It's time that Trump comes clean and we restore our democracy.

H/T: VoteVets.org's Facebook Page


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