President Trump, professional flip-flopper, has been on both sides of a lot of issues recently, probably because he's discovering that being president involves more than golfing in Mar a Lago constantly.

Recently, he's started to flip on his claims about China. Trump spent a large portion of his campaign complaining about Chinese currency manipulation and accusing them of all sorts of shenanigans. Recently, however, that view has seemingly changed. After meeting with a group of corporate executives in the State Dining Room of the White House a few months ago, the execs set out to make sure Trump understood one thing very clear: everything he thought he knew was absolutely wrong.

Trump claimed that China was purposely devaluing its own currency, even going as far as calling them “world champions” of currency manipulation, he was finally dragged to the light and shown that Beijing had long since given up that practice, and that they don't deserve the punishments that Trump was threatening them with.

How the American people couldn't see issues like this coming is beyond me. The training people have to go through once they're elected so that they can fully understand how to properly fill their role as president is incredibly intense, even for former senators or former governors, let alone some blustering idiot who's never served in government a day in his life. I would say that the situation would be laughable if what was on the line wasn't so serious.

The last week or so has been rough on him because of his incompetence, our standing with Russia seems to be an indicator of that. He liked to imagine that him and Putin were best buddies, and that staying out of Syria would be easy (and it was easy, Trump, you just didn't have the courage to say “no.”) He also discovered this week that he didn't know quite as much about North Korea as he thought he did, which he admitted after sitting down with the president of China after 10 minutes. He changed his stance on the Export-Import banks after he educated himself a bit more on how it worked, and he even backtracked on his opinion that NATO wasn't necessary.

And then there's healthcare. Admittedly, Obamacare isn't ideal, it does have a lot of problems, but Trump couldn't even do anything productive on that front either! After spending an entire election cycle criticizing it, he eventually came out and said, “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.”

Really, Trump? No one?

Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of Newsmax Media and a close friend of the president's said, “As he governs, he is realizing that the campaign talk doesn’t fit neatly into governing and he needs a different approach, one that gets results. So he will discard things and people that don’t work out, and those that do work, he will magnify. That’s how he became successful in business and entertainment.”

Hopefully Trump starts learning a little faster, before his ignorance destroys an entire country…

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