President Trump and some of his cohorts in his administration have been linked to an “active cover-up,” according to respected journalist, Carl Bernstein.

Bernstein claims that some FBI agents and some of those in Congress believe that Trump's campaign is attempting to cover up evidence of their ties with Russia. Although they haven't been able to produce the evidence just yet, it's surely coming.

“There is serious belief in the FBI and in the congressional committees of the House and the Senate, that there here is an active cover-up going on involving, trying to keep investigators from finding out what happened in terms of the Trump campaign and Trump associates, near the top of the campaign and what happened in their associations with Russians,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein clashed with Trump’s former communications director Jason Miller on CNN’s “AC360” on Friday on the topic.

“Again, there is great evidence to prove that this minnow was pursued by the great sharks in the Trump campaign and by the Russian sharks,” Bernstein said when Miller claimed that Trump's foreign affairs aide hadn't been a targeted point of contact for the Russians during Trump's 2016 presidential run.

“I want to go to something Jason Miller said about four reporters and anonymous sources, and I don’t want to belabor the example of Watergate, but in Watergate, in the stories we did at The Washington Post and also what the New York Times did, there was not a single quoted source, it was all reporting based on anonymous sources,” Bernstein continued. “Mr. Miller, tell me if indeed I am correct that you have often been an anonymous source, am I correct got that?”

Millar claimed that being an anonymous source wasn't the same, however.

“After eight months of them looking at this, including today’s story, including today’s story, there’s still nothing at the end of it,” Miller retorted. “There’s not one shred of evidence that says that the campaign and any foreign entity–”

Luckily, Anderson Cooper has had experience with these kinds of situations during his time with the CIA as an intern. He pointed out that these kinds of investigations take time, and can drag on for quite a while.

“Let me tell Mr. Miller something about what is going on,” Bernstein went on. “There is so far, as far as I know, from FBI sources, and sources on Capitol Hill, no there is a serious belief in the FBI, in the congressional committees, in the House and the Senate that there is an active cover-up going on involving trying to keep investigators from finding out what happened in terms of the Trump campaign, Trump associates, near the top of the campaign, and what happened in their associations with Russians.”

Well, at least we have someone who's not afraid to stand up to Trump's lackeys and ask the hard questions. Surely the facts and evidence is in the intelligence agency's possession, and they're just holding onto it for the prosecution.

Watch the full video of the segment here:

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