As we all know, presidential meetings are important. They help keep the president informed as to what is going on in the country and the world, and help keep other officials up to pace on what they need to know.

Apparently, President Trump is not of the same opinion.

During one of these meetings, Trump was discussing important issues that pertained to his 100-day milestone like a possible conflict with North Korea, how he'd been adjusting to being president, among others. Reuters reporters Stephen J. Adler, Steve Holland and Jeff Mason were present.

While he was discussing China's leader, President Xi Jinping, Trump abruptly stopped the discussion to hand copies of the 2016 electoral map to people in the room, with the areas that Trump had won marked in red.

“Here, you can take that, that's the final map of the numbers,” Trump said, according to Reuters. “It’s pretty good, right? The red is obviously us.”

Geez, Trump, I think there are some more important issues at stake here than your election numbers. Besides, you can't even seem to agree on what numbers are correct.

After the 2016 election, Trump bragged that the only reason he hadn't won both the electoral and the popular vote was because “millions” of illegal votes in favor of Hillary skewed the results.

“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” he tweeted.

He, of course, declined to give any proof to his claim, but what did we expect from someone who's too busy golfing and running his mouth off on Twitter to actually run a country.

From Business Insider:

Various far-right sites known for peddling false or misleading information, like the conspiracy-riddled InfoWars, claimed after the election that close to 3 million votes were cast by immigrants living in the US illegally. The fact-checking websites PolitiFact,, and Snopes have all ruled that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Trump furthered the accusation on Sunday night by saying in a subsequent tweet that there was “serious voter fraud” in Virginia, New Hampshire, and California. No evidence of voter fraud in those states has surfaced.

This isn't the first time Trump has indulged his conspiratorial impulses about supposed voter fraud. Before the election, the president-elect frequently claimed that immigrants living in the US without permission were voting, constituting a “massive problem,” despite providing no credible evidence to support his claim.

If one thing is clear, we need to make sure to gear up our grassroots operations so we can oust this orange idiot when we get the chance. 2020 needs to be a year that someone competent gets into office so we can start undoing all the damage this man has done and is going to do to our country.

H/T: Business Insider

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