Michael Flynn has been in some very hot water recently.

During the investigation over the Russian's interfering in the 2016 election the Senate intelligence committee had asked Flynn to testify. His initially refused, invoking the 5th amendment so that Flynn could not incriminate himself.

But, Flynn has agreed to turn over documents related to the investigation probe, probably with a request for immunity in exchange for his story.

Flynn was recently fired when it became known that he had purposefully mislead Vice President Mike Pence about the nature of his encounters with the Russian ambassador to the US.

“The context in which the Committee has called for General Flynn's testimonial production of documents makes clear that he has more than a reasonable apprehension that any testimony he provides could be used against him,” his lawyer Robert Kelner stated.

This hasn't slowed the Senate committee in their search, however.

The panel voted to give panel chairman Sen. Richard Burr and vice chair Sen. Mark Warner blanket subpoena power as they continue to pursue the truth in the Russian meddling.

From The Daily Mail:

The Senate Intelligence panel is seeking information from longtime Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen in its deepening Russia probe, the lawyer confirmed in a statement.

Cohen isn't currently cooperating, blasting the panel's request as ‘poorly phrased.'

‘I declined the invitation to participate, as the request was poorly phrased, overly broad and not capable of being answered,' said Cohen, in a statement to ABC News.

The network reported that the committee voted for the authority after Cohen had declined its request to provide ‘information and testimony.'

Flynn has come under fire for failing to initially register as a foreign agent for work done on behalf of a client linked to the government of Turkey, and for omissions on his security clearance documents related to his attendance at a Gala celebrating Kremlin-backed RT.

A Turkish businessman paid the Flynn's consulting group $530,000 to burnish the country's image.

A person close to Flynn says he will turn over documents related to two of his businesses as well as some personal documents the committee requested earlier this month. The person says Flynn plans to produce documents by next week.

Flynn's decision comes after he invoked his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination in declining an earlier request from the committee. Flynn's attorneys had argued the earlier request was too broad and would have required Flynn to turn over information that could have been used against him.

Russia, of course, has admittedly denied any interference in the election. Russia's President Vladimir Putin claims that these allegations are complete “fiction” that was fabricated by the left so that they could blame their loss on someone else.

He said in an interview that the allegations are really just the “desire of those who lost the U.S. elections to improve their standing by accusing Russia of interfering.”

Putin also said that the “people who lost the vote hate to acknowledge that they indeed lost because the person who won was closer to the people and had a better understanding of what people wanted.”

Well, Putin, when we get to the bottom of this we can see who's truly to blame, but my money's still on you.

H/T: The Daily Mail

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