Look At The Disturbing Way Trump’s Deportation Force Is Using Kids… Simply Disgusting

While Trump promised to focus immigration reform on illegal immigrants breaking the law, so far, his actions in office have focused on law-abiding illegal immigrants, as well as immigrants seeking to come into this country legally.



If there is anything people are sure of with Donald Trump and his constantly changing opinions, is that he was a candidate who swore to be tough on immigration. He wanted to drastically increase deportation of illegal immigrants, along with building his famous wall along our southern border with Mexico.

Facing major criticism, Trump had to say he would focus on illegal immigrants who had broken the law and committed violent acts. In reality, several stories have emerged since Trump took

In reality, several stories have emerged since Trump took office of increasing cruelty by ICE in deporting immigrants with no criminal records. Instead of arresting immigrants privately in their homes, they are making sure their entire community sees them taken away, such as with Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, who was arrested for deportation while dropping off his daughter at school with his wife and their other child.

In addition, last week the White House announced that Trump wanted to cut the amount of legal immigration into the country by half in the next decade, making it clear that his problem is not illegality, but with where immigrants happen to be coming from.

As a fluent English speaker pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in college, I do not qualify to enter the United States under Trump’s new legal immigration plan.


What’s Happening Now:

One of the main arguments against deporting illegal immigrants who obey the law and have found jobs in order to contribute to their local communities is that you will inevitably tear families apart, especially if the immigrants in question have children born in the country who are legal citizens.

The Department of Homeland Security and Customs Enforcement hears those complaints loud and clear, and thinks that using kids to drive the fear of breaking up families home for immigrants being deported is a fantastic plan.

Mynor Espinoza, an undocumented immigrant living in Connecticut with his wife and three kids, was arrested on June 5th and is awaiting a decision on deportation. He and his wife Dulce immigrated from Guatemala and have three children together who were born here in the United States.

Espinoza’s fourth child was born in Guatemala and remained there. He attempted to cross the border to live with his father, but was caught and detained. Espinoza struck a deal with ICE to have his child live with him as long as he brought the child to his immigration hearings and provided full cooperation. When it came time to sign the papers and finally receive his son into his home, Espinoza was instead met with an arrest.

According to the Hartford Courant, ICE has come up with a brand-new tactic unique in its cruelty:

“A lawyer for Mynor Espinoza, the undocumented immigrant arrested June 5, said Friday that asking parents to sign federal documents for their children in order to arrest the parents appears to be a new and disturbing tactic by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Connecticut.

“My colleagues and I have been witnessing these deceptive practices for the last couple of months,” said Yazmin Rodriguez, a lawyer with the Esperanza Center for Law and Advocacy and Espinoza’s attorney.

“This new practice of luring parents with the sole purpose of tearing them apart from their children is the most despicable and inhumane practice we have witnessed,” Rodriguez said.”

This new and disturbing tactic proves what those against Trump have been saying from the beginning: it doesn’t matter that so many of his ideas are ridiculous and will likely never come to pass. It is the attitude he is creating by speaking them aloud.

Trump has created an atmosphere of hostility towards immigrants, both legal or otherwise, and is stirring up resentment against them as the ones destroying this country. That is what makes people see stories like this and think that is justifiable to use children to turn over their parents; they think entering this country illegally revokes the humanity you are entitled to.

Trump is actively encouraging needless cruelty against immigrants who have not only not broken the law since arriving, but have contributed money and service to this country.

Regardless of opinion on immigration policy, this is not what Donald Trump promised. Nobody should be arrested while just trying to care for their children.


H/T: Hartford Courant