Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Just Unloaded On Trump Administration For Huge Lie

Robert J. O’Neill, the former Navy Seal who is credited for firing the shot that killed the terrorist Osama Bin Laden took to Twitter over the last few days to roast White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders after she endorsed Trump’s executive order that shook up the Veteran’s Affairs hospital system.

Sanders publically complained that the media was attacking Trump over Russia, but ignoring everything he did for the veterans. She said Trump’s shakeup of the VA system was a great success, and that they should pay more attention to praising Trump instead of being critical to his other idiotic actions.

This didn’t sit well with O’Neill, who, despite being supportive of some of Trump’s other actions, was not falling in line on this topic:

O’Neill tweeted:

“I just heard @SarahHuckabee talk about “successes” at the VA. PLEASE explain and I would LOVE to debate you. VA is a damn insult to vets!!”

“Following up to @SarahHuckabee on the VA… I’m a combat vet… killed UBL.. and I PAY FOR PRIVATE healthcare ..most vets CANT afford it!”

“I want to invite @SarahHuckabee to go with me to ANY VA To see how awful they are. I’m sure daddy got you better healthcare..and that job!”

“insulted by @SarahHuckabee for praising the VA today. I bet you’ve never had your wallet stolen by STAFF while getting a CAT scan. I have!”

Someone asked what they had missed, and why he was railing on another Republican, and he gave a perfect answer.

“My beef is that the VA are the worst hospitals ANYWHERE. Don’t get up there and defend the “successes”. They suck. Thievery and bad people.”

He later backed off a bit, saying maybe he was being too hard on Sanders, but he stuck to his guns about how terrible the VA system is for our veterans.

“Ok, I was too hard on @SarahHuckabee but she should go pop in to the VA right up the street.. unannounced and see what a depressing dump!”

It doesn’t sound like Trump’s “shakeup” helped anything…