Former GOP Senator Just Came Out With A Vicious Takedown Of Trump: ‘No Doubt He’s…’

Contrary to Trump’s claims, it isn’t just Democrats who can see the destruction he is bringing to the White House and the country.



While a lot of the GOP has remained gutless and refused to stand up to the president even when it was in their own best interest or the best interest of their constituents, there are still real leaders out there, like Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, or former GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey.

Senator Humphrey is a longtime critic of Trump, even supporting Clinton in the general election. Trump’s latest interactions with North Korea seems to have pushed him over the edge.

This week, it was revealed that North Korea is accumulating major nuclear power, and has an eye out for the United States. Trump ditched cool, calm, and collected, the go-to for an effective president, and decided he would try to intimidate Kim Jon-un with threats of swift and explosive retaliation. It didn’t work.


What’s Happening Now:

Humphrey was not at all satisfied with Trump’s response to the crisis.

According to The Hill:

“Former GOP Sen. Gordon Humphrey (N.H.), a longtime critic of President Trump, said on Wednesday the commander in chief is “sick of mind” and urged New Hampshire’s lawmakers to support calls to remove him from office.

In a letter sent to Rep. Ann McLane Kuster (D-N.H.) first reported by local news station WMUR, Humphrey accuses Trump of making a bad situation worse with his recent promise that North Korea would face “fire and fury” if it continued to threaten the U.S.”

Humphrey supports the idea of a bill in the House to establish a test for mental fitness of the president to determine if he or she may remain in office. He claims Trump is “sick of mind” and should be relieved of his duties as the president.

He believes that the current situation with North Korea should be a catalyst to work to remove Trump from office based on lack of fitness. He wants a level-headed person in the Oval Office, as do we all.

Humphrey’s head and love for his country are in the right place, but his solution of having Congress determine Trump is mentally unfit to serve would likely never pass, and even if it did, it would only solve the temporary problem of Donald Trump. It would not solve the problem of his supporters or copycats that may come after him.

The truth is, calling Trump mentally unstable is a cop out that simultaneously demonizes the mentally ill and excuses what is at the heart of his terrible job as president: chronic narcissism paired with white supremacy.

Trump won for a lot of reasons, but using racism as a weapon to make certain kinds of people scapegoats for America’s problems was a major one. His absolute belief that he and the people like him are the only good things about America is what pushes him into his disastrous policies and statements, not some sort of mental disorder.

Trump is likely mentally sound. He is simply an entitled, spoiled, and completely intolerable brat-turned-man. And that is what leads him into situations like the one with North Korea: his need to show off skills and values he doesn’t have forces him to rely on an enlarged ego and the supporters that keep blowing it up for him.

I agree, Trump shouldn’t be in office, and I think there is enough evidence over the last several months to call for impeachment. But mental illness is not the way to go, especially if we want to avoid having another Donald Trump assume office in the future.

H/T: The Hill