Who Trump Just Nominated To Run NASA Just Took His Precedency To An All Time Low

As we recover our losses from the devastation in Houston, Trump spits in survivors’ faces as he continues to make decisions that exacerbate the devastating effects of climate change.



The Republican Party overall has a terrible record on acknowledging and pledging to fight climate change, but Donald Trump has been particularly damaging in his efforts to reverse any progress we’ve managed to make.

Trump has made it clear that he thinks addressing climate change and taking steps to combat it will cost American jobs, regardless of the mountains of evidence that switching to renewable energy creates jobs. He has also previously dismissed climate change as a hoax started by the Chinese.

He has pledged to bring coal back instead of trying to transition those workers to jobs in renewable energy. He also pulled America from the Paris Agreement, making us one of two nations that will not abide by non-enforceable rules to slow the effects of climate change and work to save the planet.


What’s Happening Now: 

Hurricane Harvey has devastated Houston, costing homes and lives. And yet that wasn’t enough to make Trump pay attention to climate change; instead, he’s delivering another blow to those who will be affected by the consistent warming of the planet the most.

Trump has nominated Representative Jim Bridenstine to lead the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Never heard of him? Neither has the science community. And the real catch? He wants America to go back to the moon, but, more importantly, he’s a climate change denier.

You would think running NASA, the home base for our efforts in science and to understand a world beyond ourselves, would require a formal science-based education, but not for Trump. I’m pretty sure taking AP Biology makes me more qualified to run NASA than Bridenstine at this point, who has done nothing but be an executive director for the local Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

Politicians shouldn’t be in charge of NASA to begin with, but especially not ones who are battling basic scientific fact.

Trump has taken all positions across the government and removed any qualifications from the job description; I suppose he wants everyone to fit in with him, a reality star turned president in a wild, horrifying twist of fate.

If DeVos, who was no experience in education, and her job as Secretary of Education are any indication, we might have no NASA left by the end of the year.

We have always been proud in this country of our sciences and our dedication to advancing them. We have been on the forefront of medicine, environmental investigation, and exploring the mysteries of space. It is truly one of the things that makes America “great.”

And yet, it is one of Trump’s primary targets, as he runs this country into the ground to allow the rich to pick off whatever ends up being left.