Trump just turned on the GOP in a very surprising way, causing an outcry from their leadership.

President Trump and Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell met face-to-face earlier this week, which relieved many Republicans that found their quarrelling to be tiring. They took it as a sign that Trump was finally coming around and that he would support them in the fight for the budget.

Not even 24 hours later, the President betrayed them by compromising with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling. The move was heavily opposed by McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who had ridiculed the offer less than an hour before Trump accepted it.

Many other Republicans were angered by this move as well.

“Obviously, it would have been better not to make us vote repeatedly on the debt ceiling. But I wasn’t surprised,” admitted Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.). “I think Mitch would rather have done it differently, but it’s not worth having a big old fight over.”

“A three-month debt ceiling? Why not do a daily debt ceiling?” Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) sarcastically observed. “He’s the best deal-maker ever. Don’t you know? I mean, he’s got a book out!”

From Politico:

Trump’s deal with Democrats doesn’t appear to help Republicans at all. While it averts a fall government shutdown and a default on the nation's debt until at least December, it also emboldens Democrats to push for immigration changes or spending priorities without giving an inch to the right.

Congress will likely have to strike a major bipartisan fiscal deal in December to raise the debt ceiling long term and keep the government open for the remainder of fiscal 2018. And Republican lawmakers on both sides of the Capitol complained Wednesday that Trump probably just undercut leadership in those future negotiations, making it even harder for them to secure legislative wins.

In a brief interview on Wednesday, McConnell said his meeting with Trump a day earlier was “cordial.” And though he made clear to reporters that this was Trump’s deal — not his and Ryan’s — he said he would nevertheless support it.

McConnell also insisted that things have settled down after Trump’s tirade of tweets criticizing the GOP leader in August over his stewardship of the chamber and singling out some of his Republican members.

“It’s fine,” McConnell said of his relationship with Trump. “Everything’s fine.”

“Today was a good day, in a generally very partisan town,” Schumer said. The minority leader said Trump was presented with a GOP deal and a Democratic one, and he “went with the better argument.”

But no one was more upset than former Sen. Jim DeMint, who called it “just a betrayal of everything we’ve been talking about for years as Republicans.”

Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina couldn't believe his ears when he heard the news.

“It’s unsettling,” Walker said. “It’s hard for the conference; I can only imagine what it is for leadership.”

Is this a sign that maybe Trump is starting to wise up? If this continues, we might actually get some good things done which can help offset this whole mess that Trump's created.

H/T: Politico