At this point, it might be safe to assume that Trump enjoys looking like the most ignorant person to ever hold political office.



Over the weekend, Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida as a Category 4.

For three days and three hours, Hurricane Irma had been classified as a Category 5. During that time, it devastated the islands of the Caribbean.

Florida still got its fair share of damage before Irma was eventually deescalated to a tropical storm. Some parts of the state, like Highlands county, still have not gotten their power back, making the heat unbearable. At a nursing home in Hollywood Hills, eight elderly residents died of heat stroke.

Overall, 69 people have died as a result of Hurricane Irma. 32 of those deaths occurred within the U.S.

Following the disaster, Trump met with officials in Naples, Florida, where he commented that thousands of people expected to die as a result of the hurricane. He was saying it to compliment the way officials had appropriately responded to the disaster, and apparently didn't hear the havoc that could have been brought by unchecked climate change.

This came after EPA chief and climate-change denier Scott Pruitt said that in the wake of these disasters, we shouldn't be talking about what contributed in large ways to the destructive paths: climate change.


What's Happening Now:

Apparently, nobody ever thought to teach Trump that when you don't have something intelligent to contribute to the conversation, you shouldn't say anything at all.

After coming back from his trip to Florida, Trump told reporters at the White House that he was unaware hurricanes can reach a category 5 rating. There are kindergarten students in Florida right now who have a better understanding of devastating weather patterns than the President of the United States- how's that for a role model.

Following that display of ignorance, Trump went on to clap himself and his administration on the back for their response to the Hurricane Irma tragedy.

I wasn't aware that Trump was the one ordering the evacuations of Floridians to keep them safe from the storm, or the one gathering needed supplies for victims.

What Trump could do best to respond to Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, and the other natural disasters that are still to come is to put aside his pride and hunger for profit and start considering real ways to address climate change.

Visiting Florida might look nice, but it does nothing for the people who live there if they continue to get ripped apart by powerful hurricanes. This is especially true for residents of Miami, who every day get closer to watching their home get dragged underwater.

If he is going to continue to ignore the real effects climate change has on this Earth, he is going to spend the rest of his presidency doing sympathy laps around cities and states crumbling under the pressure of having to withstand natural disasters that keep getting stronger each year.

Climatologists agree: climate change likely made Hurricanes Harvey and Irma a lot stronger. The experts in the field are telling us ways to address this problem and save lives.  Instead of acknowledging that, Trump has dismissed any notion suggesting climate change exacerbated the hurricanes since stronger storms have existed.

Trump doesn't even know how the hurricane classification system functions, and he wants to give his opinions on climate change as if they're facts.

Trump, there isn't going to be an America “to make great again” if you keep refusing to acknowledge science and let it guide your decisions.

I'm sorry to be the one to break the news, but money, privilege, and support from Nazis might be able to get you the White House, but it won't save you from the wrath of mother nature.