As the heat gets turned up on the Russia investigation, even those closest to Trump are left scrambling for answers.



Following consensus that Russia interfered with the US 2016 presidential election, the FBI launched an investigation into the matter.

Shortly after the investigation got underway, Trump fired then-director James Comey, in a move that asked a lot more questions than it gave answers. Following that, special prosecutor Robert Mueller was hired to continue the investigation.

Mueller is investigating not only Russia’s level of interference but whether or not there was any coordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign. He is also investigating whether or not firing James Comey was obstruction of justice on Trump’s part.

Since Trump has continuously dismissed the Russian investigation as a witch hunt against him, questions have been floating regarding the extent to which Trump is likely to cooperate with the investigation.


What’s Happening Now: 

Amid the chaos, not even Trump’s lawyers can agree on how much Trump should willingly turn over to the investigation.

New York Times reporter was at a popular D.C. steakhouse when he heard one of Trump’s lawyers doing something dangerous: discussing the investigation in public.

Ty Cobb, Trump’s lawyer who was brought in to help manage the response to the federal Russia investigation, was openly complaining about differences in opinion among Trump’s inner circle on how to handle cooperation with Mueller’s requests.

Cobb and Donald F. McGahn II, the White House counsel, have different approaches, according to the Times:

“Mr. Cobb has argued for turning over as many of the emails and documents requested by the special counsel as possible in hopes of quickly ending the investigation — or at least its focus on Mr. Trump.

Mr. McGahn supports cooperation, but has expressed worry about setting a precedent that would weaken the White House long after Mr. Trump’s tenure is over. He is described as particularly concerned about whether the president will invoke executive or attorney-client privilege to limit how forthcoming Mr. McGahn could be if he himself is interviewed by the special counsel as requested.”

Cobb is frustrated with McGahn’s refusal to cooperate fully and took those frustrations into lunch, where he was overheard.

Cobb accused one of the lawyers of being a “McGahn spy” and suggested that McGahn was withholding documents from Cobb, so that they couldn’t be turned over to Mueller, alleging that they were “locked in a safe.”

McGahn likely wants to cooperate less fully than Cobb since McGahn might get pulled into the investigation as a witness.

That fatal mistake earned Cobb a dressing down at the hands of McGahn after the Times reached out to the White House for comment on the obvious disarray Trump’s legal team is in.

As a result, Cobb later publicly praised McGahn, and was sure to highlight the fact that although they have different opinions, they always find a way to work together.

This latest display of a complete lack of professionalism by everyone intimately connected to Trump and his presidency just continues to damage whatever was left of the benefit of the doubt.

Many wanted to give Trump a chance as he came into the presidency, for the sake of unity in the nation, but Trump has proven to be incompetent, and unwilling to learn. His bigotry is relentless, and he is marring the legacy of this country as he desperately tries to tear down anything that suggests there were better presidents before his tenure.

Hopefully, this breakdown in his inner circle signals the beginning of the end for his presidency of lies.

H/T: The New York Times