Dallas Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones made a surprising move yesterday in regard to the kneeling protests.



Trump made some very controversial statements earlier this week about the NFL players that are choosing to kneel in protest of the mistreatment of people of color.

“When people like yourselves turn on television and you see those people taking the knee when they are playing our great national anthem – the only thing you could do better is if you see it, even if it's one player, leave the stadium,” Trump said. “I guarantee things will stop.”

“Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a b—- off the field right now. He is fired,'” Trump continued.

He also posted about the issue the next day.

“If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL, or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect our Great American Flag (or Country) and should stand for the National Anthem. If not, YOU'RE FIRED. Find something else to do!” Trump tweeted.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responded to Trump's baseless attacks, saying that Trump's “divisive comments” show “an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.”

“The NFL and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture,” Goodell stated. “There is no better example than the amazing response from our clubs and players to the terrible natural disasters we've experienced over the last month.”

But the head of the NFL isn't the only one speaking out. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman have both stood against Trump's comments.


What's Happening Now:

In a beautiful display of unity, the entire Dallas Cowboys team, including owner Jerry Jones, knelt briefly before the national anthem before their football game against the Arizona Cardinals.

It seems, however, that Jones insisted that it was done before the national anthem.

“I just feel so strongly that the act of recognizing the flag is a salute to our country and all of the people that have sacrificed so that we can have the liberties we have,” Jones stated. “I feel very strongly that everyone should save that moment for the recognition of the flag in a positive way, so I like the way the Cowboys do it.”

Well, at least he joined them in solidarity. It's a fair enough compromise, I suppose.