It seems like just about everybody is fighting in the White House nowadays.



The relationship between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Donald Trump has been heating up.

On Saturday, Trump told reporters that he wished Tillerson was “tougher.” He has in the past said that Tillerson is wasting time by trying to initiate talks with North Korea.

Last week, reports swirled that Tillerson had called Trump a moron and had considered leaving his post.

Tillerson held a press conference to announce that he had never considered quitting and was not persuaded to remain by officials such as vice-president Pence, as reports had claimed. However, Tillerson did not directly deny the claim that he had called Trump a “moron,” and said he would not deal with that kind of pettiness.

The State Department made that clarification without Tillerson, and that was interesting as well. The department didn’t address the root of what calling Trump a moron would mean: that Tillerson thinks he lacks intelligence. Rather, the department focused on the word itself, and said that Tillerson does not use that sort of language.

Following NBC’s report about the moron comment, Trump took to Twitter, as usual, calling for an apology.


What’s Happening Now: 

Trump’s proposal on how to finally put those moron “rumors” to rest? Go ahead and just duke out some IQ scores.

While in the middle of saying that Tillerson did not call him a moron and that it was fake news, Trump went ahead and implied that he is, in fact, the smarter of the pair.

In an interview with Forbes, Trump said if Tillerson really did call him a moron, they could compare IQ scores.

“And I can tell you who is going to win,” Trump said.

We already know that Trump thinks himself smarter than he can demonstrate, and constantly credits himself for fake accomplishments, such as his fake TIME article hanging in several of his golf clubs, or his claim that he coined the word fake.

Not to mention, IQ tests have been slammed by several studies and reports over the years as an inaccurate measure of intelligence. But I doubt Trump does not enough reading to know all that.

But looking beyond the latest round of Trump’s stupidity, which at this point isn’t even news anymore, let’s look at something a little bit more frightening.

This is one of Trump’s Tweets that followed the NBC report on Tillerson’s comments:

Trump loves to call everything he doesn’t agree with fake news, which distracts from the actual fake news that may have had huge ramifications for the 2016 election, pending investigation. But that’s not the worst part about this Tweet.

That last sentence, “no verification from me,” is what should have us all taking a closer look.

Scrolling through Trump’s twitter is a bombard of rants against sources he doesn’t like and praise for those who do a story he likes, such as his recent half-way praise of the Washington Post:

Trump is actively trying to persuade his voters and other Americans to only read sources with his presidential stamp of approval, and therefore only sources that kiss up to him.

Politicians are criticized by reporters, regardless of party, and that’s a fact. Politicians run this country and make our biggest decisions. They should be held to a high level of scrutiny.

Trump is suggesting that he should be exempt, and dismissing sources he doesn’t like. He wants FOX News and Breitbart to single-handedly run this show.

And that just can’t happen.