Trump Just Took Credit For Coming Up With A Word That’s Been Around For Hundreds Of Years

The universe and all of its facets, including language creation, must revolve around Donald Trump.

In an interview with Mike Huckabee, Trump said he was the first to come up with the bright idea of shoving the words “fake” and “news” together.

Trump didn’t even say he came up with the combo “fake news”, but with the term fake itself.

“The media is really, the word, one of the greatest of all terms I’ve come up with, is ‘fake,'” Trump said.

He had to walk his remarks back almost directly afterward and said that others may have used the term before, but he hadn’t really heard it until he popularized it.

The first instance of the term “fake news”? End of the 19th century. Trump was born in 1946, half a century later.

Trump is essentially claiming that he has discovered “fake news” and put it on blast since coming to the national political spotlight. Not only is that fundamentally untrue, Tump doesn’t even use the word he claims to have coined correctly.

For Trump, “fake news” means news sources who don’t cover him kindly and that he, therefore, doesn’t like. For the rest of the rational world, fake news refers to sources that blatantly lie or stretch the truth to fit a narrative. One of Trump’s favorites, Breitbart, fits that category quite nicely.

Trump said that fake news hurts the country, and it does. Like the fake news that spread across the corners of Facebook that may have swung elections in major states.

As it happens, however, that’s not the fake news Trump is concerned about. Instead, he’s lamenting over the fact that news organizations called him out for his lacking, and at some points inappropriate, response to Hurricane Maria and the devastation in Puerto Rico.

Trump said that the way the media covered his trip to Puerto Rico was unfair, but let’s be clear: the problems in Trump’s handling of Puerto Rico were accurately articulated by major news organizations, and they started way before he set food on the island.

First, he used a Tweet to address the situation to remind Puerto Ricans of the debt crisis that has plagued the island.

He then went after San Juan’s mayor, recycling his choice words for Hillary Clinton, “nasty woman”- he probably thinks he coined that phrase, too.

During his visit to Puerto Rico, Trump told Puerto Ricans that they were throwing the budget out of whack, making them seem like burdens instead of human beings. Later, he tossed towels at needy Puerto Ricans like he was giving out t-shirts at a basketball game.

According to Trump, everyone in the room loved that stunt, but he fails to realize that throwing towels at people in need should not be something fun or enjoyable: it should be a humble act of kindness.

Trump refuses to accept that this nation does not revolve around him. But perhaps dumb slip-ups like this will bring his ego down a notch.