Trump better start watching what he says: some people are willing to take him at his word.



Tensions between Trump and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are mounting.

Trump has criticized Tillerson’s job performance, saying that he should be “tougher”, and that his initiative to have talks with North Korea are useless; Trump’s only solution seems to be impending war.

Trump isn’t the only one throwing punches. According to NBC reports, Tillerson called Trump a “moron” and threatened to quit his post, and was talked into staying by officials such as vice-president Pence.

Tillerson held a press conference and denied statements that he had considered or threatened to quit. He did not address the “moron” comment. The State Department later did, but it said that Tillerson doesn’t use that kind of language, not that he didn’t think Trump qualifies as a moron.

Trump has dismissed the report as fake news, but said if there’s any truth to it, he would be happy to compare IQ tests with Tillerson, and that he knows who would win.


What’s Happening Now: 

The experts on IQs have offered to step in and make Trump’s wish their command.

Mensa, the international high IQ society, “provides a forum for intellectual exchange among its members,” according to its website.

Mensa has offered to host an IQ battle between Tillerson and Trump, putting his presumed superior intelligence to the actual test.

Mensa boasts members who score in the top two percent of the general population on standardized intelligence tests.

Mensa’s communication director said the organization would be happy to test both Tillerson and Trump and see who comes up on top. It’s refreshing to have people take Trump at his word, rather than dismissing his childish antics even though he sits in the highest office in the land.

Trump likely wasn’t expecting this response: he’s used to being able to just vomit words onto Twitter or in interviews and have no one follow up. His lies propelled him to the White House, after all.

He constantly exaggerates facts to fit his narrative, especially when it comes to tanking television rates, which Trump is absolutely obsessed with.

Twitter was not having it with Trump’s challenge.

In responses to BBC’s story on the challenge, users went on the attack:

According to the Washington Post, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has already said Trump’s comments were just a joke and should be taken as such.

But maybe we’re tired of treating everything Trump says as a joke. People claimed Trump was joking about Mexicans, and climate change, and a whole host of other issues, and that meant people laughed him right into the White House.

Whatever people want to say about Trump’s ignorance, let’s take what he says seriously. Because he certainly does.