When even FOX News has something to say about Trump’s antics, you know he’s hit a new low.



Trump has gone after his own party before, and this week, it’s Senator Bob Corker up on the chopping block.

Trump went after Corker in a series of Tweets, accusing him of begging for Trump’s endorsement and blaming the Iran Deal, which Trump intends to scrap, on him.

It’s funny Trump should mention Secretary of State, since he isn’t on great terms with the Secretary, Rex Tillerson, either.

Trump retreated to his preferred method of attack, petty insults, in his latest Tweet:

Trump was referring to an interview where Corker said Trump is going to usher us into World War III.

Corker knew he was being recorded and requested it, according to the New York Times.


What’s Happening Now: 

Fox News host Neil Cavuto has had it with Trump’s childish antics. He called out Trump’s Twitter feud with Corker and called it erratic behavior.

In his broadcast, Cavuto spoke directly to the president, since we all know how diligently he watches the news, especially companies like Fox which praise him continuously.

Cavuto said Trump was alienating Senators he needs for votes on issues such as healthcare or tax reform by going after Corker.

Cavuto said that the “tacky” insults were beneath Trump and his office as President of the United States. While no elected official should ever display this kind of behavior, it seems to be typical of the way Trump lives his life.

Cavuto also said that he was questioning whether Trump is sane due to these kinds of childish displays.

He said that Trump can’t drain the swamp if he’s “throwing mud.”

While it is refreshing to see someone like Cavuto stand up to Trump, his ideas seem to be misguided. For example, Trump never intended to drain the swamp; he just wanted to fill it with the sort of dirty people who serve one person, Trump, rather than the nation.

Since stepping into office, Trump has caused heavy divides both in the nation and between his own party. Supporters find themselves questioning one another, trying to figure out which of Trump’s stunts will be the last straw, forcing them to pull their support or curb their enthusiasm.

Perhaps Cavuto is reaching that breaking point.

Fox has been loyal to Trump. The fact that some of its hosts are starting to turn on him speaks volumes about the kind of cultural shift we may be starting to see happen.




H/T: The Hill