Even when you give everything you have to this country, there will be terrible people who will undermine that service.

Germinia Aimable, a 19-year-old woman who serves in the army, was cut off by a racist who then followed her in order to verbally assault her for daring to risk her life for her country while being black.

Aimable said that during the encounter, in which the racist repeatedly called her the n-word, this was the first time she had ever been called that nasty slur in her entire life. And it happened to her while wearing the uniform that displays her dedication to this country.

All of this happening while Trump and his administration continues to attack NFL players for protesting unfair treatment of black citizens within the United States, including an expensive, tax-paid stunt by vice-president Pence, who walked out on a game after the players kneeled, even though he knew that they would.

The racist went out of his way to go after Aimable at a red light, banging on her window and yelling slurs.

The man said that he was infuriated that African Americans (using a different choice word) are allowed to serve in the military for this county. I would bet a lot of money he’s the same kind of man who writes pages of Facebook posts asserting that black citizens are moochers who drain the economy of all its resources.

He said that she didn’t deserve to serve this country and that she should take off her uniform and kill herself.

Aimable was shocked, but the encounter was enlightening:

“To me, we all bleed the same. But it’s so sad that racism is still so very prominent & that pople genuinely hate anyone that’s not the same color as them.. this man really made me realize a lot today and first handedly realize that racism just doesn’t seem to go away,” Aimable wrote in her post.

Even when confronted with the ugliest side of humanity, Aimable remained dignified and true to her mission to serve this country, and said she would protect all, even men like him.

“Yet I raised my hand to defend all (even if I’m not infantry) I still sacrificed. Unfortunately, I also vowed to protect racist assholes,” Aimable wrote at the end of her post.

Aimable’s post has gone viral, with 19,309 shares on Facebook. Comments on the post are overwhelmingly supportive, and they call for the man’s head.

Aimable’s Facebook profile is wholesome, filled with the pictures of the friends and family that love her. The friends and family she left behind to wear her uniform proudly and protect her country.

And a racist spit all over that sacrifice by insinuating that the color of her skin was in any way a hindrance to the way she loves and serves the country that belongs to her as much as it does to him- really, more than it does to him, because he disgraces those who honor that country.

But the real problem is kneeling for the anthem, right, Trump?