Jake Tapper just revealed Trump’s potentially impeachable reasoning behind frequently staying at the Mar-a-Lago.



In office for less than a year, Donald Trump has made numerous personal trips at taxpayers’ expense. One of Trump’s trips to a Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers approximately $3.6 million, adding up to historically high costs.

“No president in history has imposed larger personal lifestyle costs on the taxpayer than Donald Trump,” David Frum wrote on Twitter, bringing attention to the Trump's unprecedented travel habits.

The trips Frum referenced include the president’s numerous trips to the golf resort he owns in Palm Beach, Sterling, and Bedminster.

“The Florida/Bedminster costs are entirely volitional, as are the costs of Melania’s decision to live apart from her husband for most of his first year in office. There is no public purpose to any of those decisions,” Frum said in a statement.

Combined with his frequent personal trips, the cost of security to house Melania and Barron Trump in the New York Trump Tower rather than the White House costs between $127,000 and $146,000 per day.


What’s Happening Now:

While the US is scrambling to find the funds to aid relief in Puerto Rico, Trump’s properties are profiting tens of thousands of dollars every time he visits.

CNN Money correspondent Cristina Alesci explained to Jake Tapper that Trump is profiting off of his presidency with taxpayer-funded trips to Mar-a-Lago and other various properties he owns. Trump is paying full-price “rack rates” to room the Secret Service, who was already pushed out of the Trump Tower earlier this year because the president was over-charging them for their services.

More than a dozen invoices totaling anywhere from $1,300 to $11,050 have been charged between February and April alone, totaling over $63,000.

Trump’s financial disclosure forms for this year show that Mar-a-Lago has made $37 million in just over a year. The club has also doubled its membership initiation fee to $200,000, a conveniently high rate for Trump’s thriving properties.

Alesci illustrated that Trump has a “perverse initiative” to take trips to his estates as often as possible so he can collect the revenue from his own government protection: all at the expense of taxpayers.

The former Ethics Office chief, Walter Schaub, who resigned in protest to Trump’s ethics violations, said, “I’m telling you right now, stop going to your properties . . . Tell the White House officials not to go to those properties.”

Tapper agreed that the situation “boggles the mind” considering numerous constitutional clauses clearly oppose self-dealing and corruption. This revelation, closely tailing a few other Cabinet travel scandals, further supports the claim that Trump’s administration could be the most corrupt in history.

Trumps blatant disregard taxpayer dollars combined with his secretive Mar-a-Lago visitor logs could prove that he is guilty of an impeachable offense: violating domestic and foreign emoluments clauses of the Constitution.

In the midst of the president’s own White House staff questioning the state of his mental health and his frequent constitutionally questionably statements, Trump’s continuous failures to present himself as a fit leader brings attention back to the discussion of impeachment.

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