If anyone had any doubts about where Trump’s loyalty lies, his own actions have a lot to say about it.



American intelligence agencies agree: Russia interfered with the 2016 elections, and they seemed to favor a Trump victory.

Currently, the FBI, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, and Congressional committees are investigating the matter. Mueller is investigating the nature of the interference, whether or not the Trump campaign coordinated efforts with Russia, and whether or not Trump firing James Comey after asking him three times for loyalty constitutes obstruction of justice.

Trump has been looser on Russia than he promised he would be.

Back in August, things looked like they might turn around, and Trump signed a bill into law that snatched his power to lift sanctions on Russia that were in place under Obama. Both sides of Congress pressured him into the signing.

The law also outlines an obligation for Trump to work with allies to be tougher on Russia, and to withhold funding for Russian projects.


What’s Happening Now:

Trump apparently doesn’t like having his hands tied, and is rebelling against his promises.

Trump appears to be delaying action on addressing Russia and the punishments needed since the Kremlin actively interfered in the election. He might even be ignoring the rules altogether.

Since signing the law, Trump has been mumbling his anger, probably because Congress finally proved that they could hold him to his responsibilities when they can be bothered to address the danger of his presidency.

Trump called the law unconstitutional, even though he proceeded to sign it.

Even through all of that complaining, Trump said that he would honor the provisions of the law and go after Russia for its unlawful, undemocratic activities.

But, his deadline to act, October 1st, has passed, and Trump has not made one move towards showing the Russians that the United States will not tolerate attempts to swing our elections. Unsurprising, since he called on the Russians to release Clinton’s emails during the election in an unprecedented invitation of foreign powers to attack a presidential candidate.

Trump was supposed to issue regulations and specify those in the Russian government in the defense and intelligence sectors.

His failure to issue these sanctions, that he himself signed into in law, is a failure to uphold a portion of his rule of office. He is supposed to execute laws, even if that means his friends in Russia will be a little upset with him.

According to the White House, Trump and his departments are working on implementation, but the law was signed two months ago. There was enough time to get all of this in order, but Trump was too busy bashing victims in Puerto Rico and negotiating money for his wall of hate.

Congress pressured Trump into signing the law because of his threats to pull all of the sanctions established under Obama, coupled with his erratic behavior. Now, their worst fears might be realized as Trump drags his feet during go time.

Trump has decided the law is unconstitutional, and now he is deciding not to act, or at least deciding to prevent any action for as long as possible. Once again, Trump is blurring the lines of government and refuses to listen to the judicial or legislative branch as he fuels his own with all of the power.