We are far away from 2020's presidential race, and Trump is already dreaming up opponents. Let's see if he even makes it that far.

Even though the 2016 race, where Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton in a major upset, was almost a year ago now, Trump just can't seem to let it go.

No president has obsessed over a defeated political opponent the way Trump has. He's a bigger sore winner than bullies on a third-grade playground. He uses Clinton, and often Obama, both as ways to parade his victory and to deflect major issues he has not fixed, such as healthcare.

Now, Trump is daydreaming about running against Hillary Clinton again in the 2020 race.

Clinton has made it crystal clear that she will not be running for president, or any other political office, ever again.

While Clinton will remain involved in politics as an active and concerned citizen, she will no longer be a political candidate.

She recently wrote a memoir, “What Happened”, discussing her loss, which shocked the entire nation.

Trump has been obsessed with his victory in November and keeps using the fact that he pulled off what nobody thought possible as a crutch to defend himself from righteously launched attacks against his time in the Oval.

The fact that he even tweeted that is ridiculous. First, there is no reason to carry in the nickname Trump made up for Clinton back when they were running against each other into his time as president. Second, why would anyone be asking him if Clinton was running? He isn't Clinton, he isn't a Democrat; he wouldn't have any knowledge of that decision.

Likely, nobody asked him. He just wanted to see his words appear on his screen and inflate his ever enlarging ego.

But Trump often doesn't realize just how stupid he sounds. Take a recent round of Tweets, for example:

Trump doesn't seem to realize that everything he just outlined in those tweets are decisions that have driven criticism of his presidency, not praise. Canceling the Paris Accord was seen by the entire world as a falter and an indication that America was no longer interested in leading the rest of the world into the future.

The Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines have faced heavy criticism for environmental effects and have sparked major protests, where protesters were tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets. He shouldn't be asking anyone to celebrate any of those things.

Trump beat Clinton in November, it's true, and there's no guarantee that she would beat him in 2020 if she ran. But the fact that Trump won't stop obsessing over her is further indication that he does not have the intelligence nor the attention span to remain President of the United States.