Oprah Winfrey, the proclaimed “best hope” for the democratic party, has dismissed the possibility of a 2020 Winfrey campaign.



In the wake of Donald Trump’s shocking presidential victory, Oprah Winfrey considered putting in a bid herself in 2020. Winfrey, who endorsed Hillary Clinton’s campaign, a pivotal moment in history for women, hinted many times at running herself.

Oprah said that Trump’s election made her re-evaluate any previous doubt she had about running. “I never considered the question even a possibility,” she told David Rubenstein when questioned about whether she might consider throwing her hat into the ring.

“I just thought, ‘Oh… oh?'”

Speaking of Trump, Rubenstein said: “It's clear you don't need government experience to be elected president of the United States.”

“That's what I thought,” Winfrey responded. “I thought, ‘Oh, gee, I don't have the experience, I don't know enough.' And now I'm thinking, ‘Oh.'”


What’s Happening Now:

Media mogul and entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey has finally addressed the speculation surrounding her potential 2020 presidential bid, dismissing any interest in running.

“There will be no running for office of any kind for me,” Oprah said as a guest on “CBS This Morning” this past Wednesday.

CBS host Gayle King pressed Winfrey Wednesday morning about her potential running mates in 2020, inquiring: “2020. I'm wondering if you've narrowed down your list of VP candidates.” Winfrey responded, “She's lost her mind now. No, I haven't.”

The possibility of Winfrey running came after Donald Trump broke the precedent of only career politicians making bids for the presidency.

“Even I am now starting to think the rules have changed about running for president” CBS host Gayle King said, convinced Oprah could seriously cast a bid.

Winfrey is no stranger to the world of politics, often addressing political issues on her talk show. She was a supporter of Obama’s 2008 campaign from the start, boosting his primary potential against opponent Hillary Clinton.

Last month, Winfrey had rekindled hope for a 2020 campaign after retweeting a New York Post column that hoped she would run for president, saying, “Thanks for your vote of confidence.”

Written by John Podhoretz, the piece calls Oprah the democratic party’s “best hope” for the 2020 election.

I believe she’s uniquely positioned, should she wish to commit herself, to seek the Democratic nomination for president,” Podhoretz noted, aware of Winfrey’s sensational capability to influence the public.

“If you need to set a thief to catch a thief, you need a star,” columnist Podhoretz wrote, referencing Winfrey. “— a grand, outsized, fearless star whom Trump can neither intimidate nor outshine — to catch a star.”


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