A major Democratic donor has had it with a lack of action from Democrats concerning Trump.

Tom Steyer, who spent about 91 million over 2016 supporting Democratic candidates, is a huge donor and asset for the Democratic party. And he's calling on the party he has supported so well for action concerning Trump.

A loyal Democrat, Steyer is also a major economic activist, and has criticized Trump for pulling out of the Paris agreement, which threw the world into turmoil, as other powers started to question not just if the United States wanted to be a leader in curbing climate change, but whether it wanted to be a leader for the world at all.

Steyer sent a letter to all 50 governors and 2,000 mayors from around the country, calling on them to let everyone know that they support impeaching Donald Trump and removing him from office. He also urged them to reach out to federal lawmakers and encourage them to take the steps necessary for impeachment.

Steyer's reasoning is that Donald Trump has violated “the Constitution, office of the Presidency, and trust of the public,” and that therefore Democrats are obligated to speak out against his transgressions.

He is also upset with what he calls Trump's sabotaging of Obamacare.

As the Republicans have tried and failed continuously to repeal and replace Obamacare, Trump has called to let it “fail” in order to force a replacement. He has tried to force that failure by doing things such as pulling subsidies out from insurance companies that help lower costs for needier applicants or allowing employers and colleges to refuse to provide birth control for religious or moral reasons.

Steyer's letters to the governors and mayors is a continuation of an apparent battle cry. Steyer last week wrote to Democratic congressional offices and the Democrats' House and Senate campaign committee and told them that they have a duty to support the impeachment of Trump should they gain the seats they need to re-take Congress in 2018.

In order to do that, Democrats will need to flip 24 seats in the House and defend 10 seats in the Senate. That will call for major campaigning that appeals to a wide base, and Steyer thinks that if they can get that together, using those numbers to impeach Trump needs to be the next step.

Steyer believes those he has contacted owe it to their constituents.

The governors, mayors, and federal representatives should know that those that represent them are patriotic, passionate, and courageous enough to stand up for what's right. They should acknowledge that Trump as president is not only a moral dilemma, but that the world we're living in with him at the helm is not normal, and we shouldn't accept it as such.

Steyer might just urge those who believe in his message and vision for the Democratic party to take their frustrations to the voting booth.

Steyer said that he'll be making an announcement about whether he will run for Senator of California later on this year.

He would be challenging Senator Dianne Feinstein, who he has criticized heavily for calling for patience concerning Trump's presidency.


H/T: The Hill