A Gold Star mom who knows what it's like to lose a loved one to war is stepping up for the widow Trump insulted with his extreme lack of sensitivity.



Congresswoman Frederica Wilson was sitting with a widow whose husband, Sergeant La David Johnson, was one of the four soldiers to die in Niger when she heard something that made her furious.

Donald Trump, who had already waited way too long to contact the families after the October 4th ambush in Niger, called the widow to share his condolences, one of the harder but important jobs of the president. He, as usual, did not carry that job out effectively.

According to Rep. Wilson (FL-D), Trump said the following to the widow: “He knew what he was signing up for, but I guess it hurts anyway.”

Wilson was so angry about his words that she asked to have the phone so she could let him have it, but was denied that chance.

Trump was quick to go on the defensive claiming that he never said that, and Wilson had made it up to attack him.

As expected, Trump has not provided the proof he claims to have, and neither has the White House. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the call was not recorded, and would not back up claims that Trump did not say that to the widow.

Trump also suggested the demonstrably false claim that Obama failed to comfort grieving families while he was president, to deflect from the fact that public scrutiny forced him to reach out to the families who lost loved ones in Niger.


What's Happening Now: 

Appalled at the news, a Gold Star mom has made it clear where she stands in relation to Trump's words.

Karen Meredith, who lost her son First Lieutenant Ken Ballard in Iraq, condemned Trump in the harshest terms.

She called his words and actions in response to the attack in Niger disgraceful. She also told him to stop making everything about himself, and focus on the families who have to bury their loved ones due to the high cost of war.

Meredith told him to at least pretend to have a little bit of empathy and care about the feelings of others.

That's not likely to happen, as Trump insulted tons of Gold Star families who got calls from President Obama when he suggested Obama couldn't be bothered to reach out to them.

He made those claims even though when the bodies of the four soldiers returned to America, Trump was out golfing (again). It seems he's the one who just can't be bothered.

He's so unbothered he's already moved from this controversy onto the next, insinuating that a major dossier implicating connections between the GOP and Russia was paid for by Russia, the Democrats, or even the FBI.

So as usual, Trump is staying real classy.