Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called out Fox News during a Human Rights Campaign dinner Saturday, blasting the network for continuing its unending criticisms of her campaign nearly a year after the general election.



From the start, Clinton has been President Trump’s favorite diversion. No matter how incriminating his actions, Trump regularly insists that Clinton has done far worse.

In fact, a Washington Post report published this July revealed she’s practically his favorite person to talk about (aside from himself, of course).

The Post’s Philip Bump writes:

In 17 of 19 of his interviews [since inauguration], Clinton came up, on average about 36 percent of the way in. That’s more frequently and earlier than his mentions of Obama, who made it into only 16 interviews, about 43 percent of the way in.

Perhaps Trump’s obsession with Clinton stems from deep-seated insecurities about his own efficacy as commander-in-chief. It explains his incessant need to grossly embellish vote tallies, inaugural crowds, and even his own net worth — a topic of which he’s sued journalists in the past for alleged underestimations.

But it’s not just Trump who can’t stop talking about Clinton. Fox News is crazy about her, too.

Desperate for ratings amidst a torrent of negative Trump coverage, the media network routinely sips from a chalice of Hillary hatred, filling broadcast segments with the latest and greatest attacks on the 2016 Democratic nominee.

Is any of it newsworthy? No, of course not — but at least it appeals to their Trump-loving demographic.

Clinton finally addressed the ongoing trend in a speech during the Human Rights Campaign’s national dinner this weekend, energizing a crowd of over 3,600.


What’s Happening Now:

While most mainstream networks address Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s progress in the ongoing Russian collusion investigation, Fox News is pinning Clinton as the narc that threw Trump and his misdeeds under the bus.

As if that’s a bad thing.

“It does strike me that in the last few days, at least, Fox News seems to think that’s where I live: in the White House,” Clinton said. “They spend a disproportionate amount of their time talking about impeaching me.”

Her comments came after political commentator Sean Hannity mused about her nonexistent indictment on Twitter. He did so in response to reports suggesting Mueller’s team had filed the first charges in their investigation.

Leave it to conservative extremists to make accusations based on nothing. Remind me why this guy still has an audience?

Clinton then joked about her would-be presidency, riling the crowd as she offered the network a more favorable deal.

“I would have much preferred to have come to the dinner tonight from a slightly closer residence,” she said. “So, look, if they want to make a trade, I’d be more than willing.”

Somehow, I doubt the Trump team will take her up on that offer, though most of us would be perfectly fine with it. Trump has been an overused joke since day one, and I’d quicker cast my vote for a rabbit in a top-hat than elect the orange buffoon.

Clinton went on to discuss the administration’s silence on LGBTQ rights issues, voicing her disdain for the president’s decision to ban transgender servicemembers from the U.S. armed forces.

“You know, and [Trump] knows, transgender people have fought and died for this country from our very beginning,” she said. “They are serving in uniform with distinction right now, and the suggestion that transgender Americans are unfit to serve is insulting and wrong.”


H/T: The Washington Post