Following the neo-nazi demonstration in Shelbyville, what a group of White Live Matter’s “very fine people” will make your skin crawl.



Over the weekend, neo-nazis gathered in Shelbyville, Tennessee, for a “White Lives Matter” demonstration. The League of the South, a neo-Confederate hate group, organized the rally.

The leader of the hate group, Micheal Hill, spoke at the rally with a megaphone, threatening “All you people over there — your day is coming. Your day is coming.”

“You’re responsible for more damage in the past century than anybody else,” Hill said.

“When we say blood and soil we mean our nation,” he continued. “Our nation is our people. Our skin is our uniform.”

Hill’s message was eventually drowned out by counter-protestors blasting “La Bamba.”

Officials insist that the confrontations between the white nationalist protestors and counter-protestors remained mostly peaceful at the rally, with the exception of the arrest of a young white male.

In a statement, Shelbyville’s city manager Shannon Boyette thanked the police for “The safety measures that were put into place along with the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws ensured that this rally was not one of violence.”

Later, the Black Lives Matter organization spoke out on Twitter, saying, “We believe that gatherings of neo-nazis and klansman like these distract us from destructive ways systemic white supremacist rallies against the lives of Black and Brown folks in Middle Tennessee and this country every day.”

What Boyette failed to recognize was that the hate didn’t conclude with the rally; just because the demonstration was over, doesn’t mean the racial tension had dispersed.


What’s Happening Now:

Following the gathering in Shelbyville for a “White Lives Matter” protest, a group of white nationalists brutally attacked an interracial couple in a nearby city.

A group of approximately 20 white neo-nazis entered a restaurant and began harassing the couple, one witness, a member of the North Alabama Democratic Socialists of America, captured the stomach-churning encounter on video.

The disturbing video shows the men surrounding the couple, violently shoving the black man and his white girlfriend. The woman’s face was bloodied as the group repeatedly pushed her against the window.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, one of the neo-nazis seated at the table next to the couple asked the woman to “guess” who they were, after answering “White Lives Matter” the group told her to leave her boyfriend to join them.

The police report read, “After another woman in the group reportedly began to argue with the victim, a man allegedly struck her in the face with his fist, causing a cut above her eye.”

The woman refused medical treatment and chose to return to the scene to give a chilling statement, saying “I am just shocked this happened and don’t understand why the business would serve these people when they have the right to refuse anyone. I was attacked by a gang of at least 15 men. This business allowed them to enter and leave going to there [sic] car to get who knows that. I was terrified and still am.”

One witness to the racial violence, Annelise Werme, wrote on Facebook, “It broke out into a huge fight with them busting open the face of the white girl who was furious with them for harassing them. I honestly can’t believe this is happening. My head hurts. I’m shaking and trying not to cry.”

The attack occurred after a second rally was canceled, due to the overwhelming amount of counter-protestors who showed up in Shelbyville. “It was an effective show of force,” counterprotester Kubby Barry told Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery. “It was important to show up and show people that we don’t stand for their message.”


H/T: The Washington Post