After a few long months, Robert Mueller is finally dishing out arrest warrants for those involved in the 2016 Election Scandal, and it seems that the public will do anything to keep the investigation on track. 



The 2016 presidential election was a roller coaster of emotions, personal insults, and empty promises. It was more likely that the top two candidates spent a political debate insulting each other than speaking about policies. 

Completely immersed in the political equivalent of “an eye for an eye,” Trump sought out international assistance in damaging Hillary Clinton's reputation. He chose Russia. It was clear then, and it is clear now – he picked the wrong country. 

Russia first dipped its toes in the water in 2015 by hacking computers belonging to the Democratic National Committee. The New York Times labeled the group of hackers as “a cyber-espionage team linked to the Russian government,” nicknamed “The Dukes.”

The Dukes were crawling around in computers for years before the DNC hacking. They infested the unclassified email system of the White House, slithered inside the State Department's system, and dissected one of the best-protected systems in the government, that of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

Russia was not playing around. Putin and his cyber team wanted to destroy the single, most important aspect of American democracy – free and fair elections. Last year, they seized their chance to show us just how much damage a mouse and a keyboard could do.

October of 2016 saw the hacking of the DNC system again. Emails about the election were released onto WikiLeaks, culminating into public knowledge of Hillary Clinton and the DNC's attempt to undermine the success of Bernie Sanders.

Russia ruthlessly ripped off the band-aid when they worsened the severity of the email issue by spreading fake news (by fake people) on social media platforms.

In total, there are more than 900 accounts on Facebook and Twitter combined, that seem to have been products of Russian robots. These accounts posted anti-Clinton, pro-Trump messages, spreading false information designed to move voters away from supporting the Democratic candidate. 

Putin also sought out individuals who were sympathetic to Russia, like Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort, to act as insiders in campaigning Russia's foreign policy desires.  

The most sickening part of Russia's scheme was their hacking of the election, in which they targeted voting systems in 39 states. Of those 39, 21 voting systems were actually hacked or almost hacked by Russia. Gaining access to sensitive voting information, they targeted and manipulated people to vote Republican.  

Although Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly three million votes, the electoral college was Trump's ticket into the White House. It has not been revealed whether or not Russia also targeted members of that voting system. 


What's Happening Now: 

Robert Mueller is a popular name in the current atmosphere of this nation. He is leading the special counsel investigating the link between Trump, his minions, and Russia in swaying the 2016 presidential election.  

Recently, Mueller set out on the first leg of his journey, officially charging the first criminals involved in the scandal. As a result, panic ensued among right-wing Trump supporters, calling on Trump to fire Robert Mueller, like he did James Comey. 

If Trump tries to fire Mueller, the American people will be prepared to defend democracy. Citizens around the country are organizing “Nobody is Above the Law” rallies to protest Mueller's possible firing, and within a few days, rallies in 48 states have been created. 

The rallies are being called “emergency” rallies, referring to the rapid organization and urgent matter of the protests. Organizers have not listed a specific date for the rally, as everyone is unsure if or when Trump will fire Mueller.

However, protesters have decided that if Mueller is fired before 2:00 PM, events will begin at 5:00 PM, and if he is fired after 2:00 PM, protests will organize at noon on the following day. These rallies are coming together with an air of urgency and determined ferocity.

The American people are ready. If Trump makes any move towards removing Mueller, in his words, we will release “fire and fury like the world has never seen.”