Outside liberals are looking to turn the tide of the Democratic party and take stronger strides against Trump.

Since Clinton’s loss against Trump, the Democrats have been scrambling to look for the facelift the party leads to re-take part of Congress in the 2018 elections. Several more liberal members of the party think part of that change means trading out some of the older Senators for opponents more in touch with more advanced ideals of the party.

The next Senator they’re looking to take on is Senator Dianne Feinstein from California, who has been serving in the Senate since 1992.

More progressive Democrats have been considering supporting bids against Feinstein, who they feel needs to hold Trump more accountable for his actions as president.

Justice Democrats, a group led by journalist Cenk Uygur who co-founded The Young Turks media network, is gunning for Feinstein. The group announced support for Alison Hartson, who plans to run against Feinstein.

Uygur had help with the Justice Democrats with some former Senator Bernie Sanders staffers. Justice Democrats plan to offer Hartson financial support and give her campaign access to their donor list.

Hartson directs the “Wolf PAC” political action committee, founded by Uygur.

Hartson’s campaign plan includes support for a $15 minimum wage, free public college and trade school, and single-payer health care system, all popular aspects of the more liberal pocket of the Democratic party, but ones which more traditional Democrats have been hesitant to support in order to attract centrists to the party.

According to Hartson, Feinstein helped create the corrupt political system that she and other progressive candidates want to overcome. She said taking on Senators like Feinstein will create the kind of democracy the people need for the country now.

Uygur tends to agree and has said Feinstein’s politics are out of touch with California. He thinks Hartson is the fresh face the Democrats need.

Unfortunately for Hartson, she isn’t the only one looking to boot Feinstein out of the Senate.

Feinstein will face a primary challenge from Kevin de León, and may face another from Tom Steyer, a billionaire who pours a lot of money into the Democratic party.

Steyer is the donor who sent a letter to all 50 governors and 2,000 mayors, calling them to support the impeachment of Donald Trump. Some have responded to his call. He has been frustrated with the old leadership in the Senate and their refusal to take on Trump head-on.

Those running against Feinstein may have California on their side. According to a Politico poll, half of likely California voters believe Feinstein should not run for re-election as their Senator.

Calls for more progressive candidates was a major source of tension within the Democratic party during the 2016 election season, especially between supporters for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

At the Democratic National Convention, those who wanted Sanders to win the presidential bid staged a sit-in, and their overwhelming voice pushed Clinton further to the left than she had been in the past.

The loud, more progressive voices within the party are determined to make themselves heard, and upcoming big days at the voting booth will reveal whether their determination was enough.

H/T: The Hill