Former US Ambassador Just Sounded The Alarm On Massive Catastrophe At State Department

Trump has been scaling back the ranks of the government on practically a daily basis, but what he’s set his sights on reducing next is truly worrying.



As a common theme since the first day of his presidency, Trump seems to be cutting back on programs, employees, funding, response, professionalism, intelligence, diplomacy, and more. He even took a step back from putting effort into his presidential campaign, and let the Russians step in. 

In August, Trump began to support a merit-based immigration program, meaning that foreign immigrants would be accepted into the country based on employable skills, ability to pay for healthcare, median salary, educational degrees, and English proficiency. In the future, net migration would be cut in half if this policy is to be implemented.  

This proposed immigration plan is simply beating around the bush. Well-off immigrants, with college degrees, and a fluency in English, could be the same types of people that Trump thinks illegal immigrants are — rapists, drug dealers, and terrorists. If we’ve learned anything from repeated accusations of male celebrities for sexually assaulting women spanned over the last few months, it’s that fame and money almost serve as a security blanket against prosecution. 

With this theme, Trump’s infamous and multiple Travel Bans come to mind. Possessing probably the same mindset as he did when throwing his support behind the merit-based immigration rule, Trump banned travel from multiple Middle Eastern countries. The move was an unpopular and uneducated attempt to curb terrorists from entering the United States. 

Perhaps the clearest manifestation of Trump’s hands-off, cut everything policy, is his tax plan. In general, with Trump’s tax plan, most people will pay lower taxes than they have been paying. Specifically, businesses and the wealthy would see tax cuts. The estate tax, the tax people pay on assets passed down to someone after a person dies, would be eliminated, at least for the wealthy. Some tax deductions have also been eliminated.  

Trump also has famously cut almost all of his original appointees. They seem to be kicked out one by one, in a methodical manner. He also planned on cutting ranks of transgender in the military, climate change action, white supremacist condemnation. The only thing it seems he hasn’t scaled back on is Twitter and making other world leaders angry. 


What’s Happening Now: 

The State Department, the government’s aid on foreign affairs, is now facing the brunt of Trump’s simplistic tendencies. 

Under Trump, 60 percent of foreign service officers have been removed from the State Department, according to Ambassador Barbara Stephenson. The number of Career Ministers have been reduced to nearly half their size from last year, and Minister Counselors continue to be cut. A hiring freeze sees almost 200 entry-level foreign service officers denied jobs with the State Department. 

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attributes the personnel cut to enable the department to be “more effective, more efficient.” Donald Trump attributes the personnel cut to his importance, valuing his own expertise and role in the government and decision-making policies above those who represent and defend our interests abroad. 

This criticism all came in a letter from a former U.S. ambassador, now the president of the American Foreign Service Association. She shared her view in a column for the organization’s journal. 

During the past months, Trump has been doing a lot of reducing among the ranks of government officials, budgets, and moral values. Maybe, someday, he’ll do us all a favor and resign.