Woman Who Was Fired For Flipping Off Trump’s Motorcade Just Got Awesome News

Cyclist Juli Briskman’s unconventional protest hasn’t only caught the attention of social media, but also hundreds of thousands of employers.



While Donald Trump was leaving a golf course in Sterling, Virginia last week, 50-year-old Juli Briskman gave the President a middle finger salute.

The patriotic moment was captured by a press pool photographer among the motorcade of black SUVs, showing Briskman tailing the caravan on a bicycle with her middle finger raised.

The photo blew up on social media, receiving praise from every corner of the internet under the viral hashtag, #her2020.

Lucy Clementori, who owns a chain of fitness centers throughout the Southwest, said “She’s my ‘she-ro,’” commending Briskman’s display of defiance, “She can take over our spin classes and teach everyone that great presidential salute!”

While overcome with anger at the sight of Trump’s convoy on her usual bike path, Briskman says “I flipped off the motorcade a number of times.”

“He was passing by and my blood just started to boil,” the mother of two told HuffPost. “I’m thinking DACA recipients are getting kicked out. He pulled ads for open enrollment in Obamacare. Only one-third of Puerto Rico has power. I’m thinking, he’s at the damn golf course again.”

After her presidential salute took social media by storm, Briskman lost her job. The company she had been working for, government contractor Akima LLC, said the incident could hurt business.

Briskman’s bosses informed her that she had violated the company’s social media policy by using the viral image as her profile picture on her social media accounts.

“They said, ‘We’re separating from you.'” Briskman told HuffPost.

“Basically, you cannot have ‘lewd’ or ‘obscene’ things in your social media. So they were calling flipping him off ‘obscene.'”

Briskman questioned the enforcement of the company’s policy, bringing up that a male colleague was recently allowed to stay at Akima after calling someone “a f–cking Libtard a–hole” on Facebook.

“How is that any less ‘obscene’ than me flipping off the president?” she inquired to HuffPost. “How is that fair?”

Although her protest cost Briskman her job, she is not backing down, maintaining that “I’d do it again.”


What’s Happening Now:

Unlike Akima, other employers are not only giving props to Briskman but also offering her jobs- 453,673 and counting.

Norm LaForge, the founder of a multi-million dollar company that erects cell towers in the Midwest, would be more than happy to employ Briskman. “It took guts to do what she did, giving the finger to The Great White Dope. That kind of chutzpah makes a great salesperson. She’s hired.”

“I don’t have any openings, but I’ll find a place for her anyway,” said the founder of a public relations firm in Boston, Darlene Ranalin. “I guess President Drumpf was right after all, he really is creating new jobs.”

Briskman’s protest isn’t the first time Trump has been able to first-hand see the public’s less than wonderful opinion of his presidency, several of Trump’s press members confirm that an unnamed man mooned the president last month.

The humor of the unconventional protest was not lost on one of the reporters, joking that it looked like it was a “full moon.”


H/T: Extra News Feed