Video: Protester Tells Fox News’ Jesse Watters, ‘Go F**k Yourself’ To His Face

Everyone is talking about how an anti-Trump protestor blasted Jesse Watters after the controversial Fox News host tried to belittle him on-air.



No matter how much his wicked smile may deceive you, Watters has never been a friend of the public.

The Fox News anchor has repeatedly earned the public’s ire. In 2016, the “Watters’ World” host faced scrutiny after airing a racist segment targeting Asian Americans.

The segment featured Watters conducting man-on-the-street interviews with Chinatown residents regarding the general election. He asked deliberately loaded questions — many to elderly people who did not speak English — and mocked the interviewees on the network.

“Let me get this straight: They say ‘China’ in the debate, so you go to Chinatown in New York?” said senior correspondent Ronny Chieng on The Daily Show. “So, when they mention Mexico, do you send someone to Taco Bell? Chinatown is nothing like China. They’ve got nothing to do with each other.”

Watters issued a non-apology for the segment on Twitter, saying his interviews “are meant to be taken as tongue-in-cheek.”

It isn’t the only time Watters acted like a moron on-air, however. This April, the dimwitted Fox pundit made multiple ill-fated remarks regarding Ivanka Trump after she was booed during a speech at a women’s panel in Germany.

“I always thought that Europeans were supposed to be so sophisticated and well-mannered, and now they’re treating this like it’s a soccer match,” Watters said, once again generalizing an entire foreign culture. “I don’t really get what’s going on here, but I really liked how she was speaking into that microphone.”

Watters, in regular form, issued another non-apology for back-to-back racism and sexism.

“We were commenting on Ivanka’s voice and how it was low and steady and resonates like a smooth jazz radio DJ,” he said. “This was in no way a joke about anything else.”

Anyone with ears knew what it was about, Fox.

This week, one anti-Trumper — assumedly fed up with Watters’ incessant crap — didn’t hesitate to tell him off during an on-camera interview.


What’s Happening Now:

The unnamed protestor, who was participating in a “Scream at the sky” event in response to the one-year anniversary of Trump’s election, flippantly slammed Watters during a televised interview.

“Do you feel better?” Watters asked after the man had finished screaming.

“Somewhat,” he replied.

“Do you want a pacifier?” Watters followed with a smug grin.

“Go f*** yourself,” the protestor said, chuckling as he walked away.

The “Scream at the sky” event was hosted by Refuse Fascism—an organization adamantly opposing Trump’s presidency. They routinely organize protests which advocate the removal of Trump and Mike Pence from office.

“[Trump] will support law-breaking as long as it’s in the service of terrorizing and ethnically cleansing black and brown people,” said the group’s spokesperson Sunsara Taylor. “This regime poses an existential threat to the future of people all over the world and the planet itself.”

Luckily, if special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation goes according to plan, we may not have to deal with Trump for much longer.


Watch the clip: