Trump’s Most Unlikable Aide, Stephen Miller, Just Had His Role In Russia Scandal Exposed

Yet another person has gone down with the Russia investigation, and at this pace, it won’t be long until the entire Trump administration, past and present, is begging Robert Mueller for mercy.



At the end of the day on November 8, 2016, election results shook the nation. I remember I went to sleep hoping that Hillary would win, and woke up to BBC notifications on my phone, at 1 a.m., telling me otherwise. I’m sure many people reacted like I did, sitting in stunned silence. Even more people probably cried upon hearing the news. Communities all throughout the United States felt targeted by the person who had somehow won the election. Hate had persevered.  

All. Because. Of. Russia. 

Sitting in my political science class on November 9, my professor told us, “I really believe that this is your generation’s 9/11.” Now, nothing could possibly come close to comparing with the September 11th tragedy, but I’m starting to think that he’s right. 

Nothing in the history of this country has ever threatened our democracy like this election. Watergate could be a close second, but there was no foreign enemy seeking to undermine the core value of this nation. It feels as if the whole world is against us — like all oxygen has left the expanse of land within these borders.  

Robert Mueller is finally giving us oxygen masks. His investigation seeks to detect Russian involvement in the 2016 election, and identify those Americans who were working to defeat our democracy. Not long ago, he made his first accusations and arrests, indicting men who served as connectors between Russia and the 2016 election. It won’t be long, I hope, until the entire hierarchy of collusion has crumbled to the floor. 

George Papadopoulos was Mueller’s first victim. After pleading guilty to charges of lying to the FBI, Papadopoulos has been secretly working with the FBI on their investigation. Papadopoulos had lied about when he met with a foreign contact, saying that the two met before he joined Trump’s campaign. In reality, this contact only took interest in Papadopoulos after discovering that he was the foreign policy advisor in Trump’s campaign. 

The meeting, of course, was connected to obtaining “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. The contact had learned that the Russians had thousands of emails as dirt on Hillary Clinton, and was there to spread the news to George Papadopoulos. Arrested in July, 2017, Papadopoulos has been working ever since with the investigation. 


What’s Happening Now: 

The latest victim of Mueller’s investigation is senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller. 

The day after George Papadopoulos met with his foreign informant and discovered that Russia held damaging information on Hillary Clinton, an email popped up in Stephen Miller’s inbox. Sent from Papadopoulos, the email informed Miller that Russia wanted to meet with Trump and his team during the campaign.  

Papadopoulos and Miller were in constant contact for a few months during the campaign. It is possible that Miller was the first person to learn of the thousands of emails in possession of the Russians, as it appears that Papadopoulos went to Miller first upon hearing the news. 

Although Miller hasn’t been arrested yet, he’s been interrogated. It won’t be long until Miller is indicted like Manafort, and by then, the Trump castle will be well on its way to crashing down completely. 



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