Women who voted for Trump in the 2016 election are starting to feel the effects of buyer’s remorse.

In a new study conducted by Emory University, it turns out that the majority of North Carolina women polled who voted for Donald Trump are now embarrassed by their pick’s actions.

According to The Hill:

Eleven out of 12 members of a focus group, which included five independents, four Republicans and three Democrats, criticized Trump on Wednesday night, with some describing him as “incompetent,” “childlike,” “a loose cannon” and “ignorant,” according to The Washington Post.

Only one in every 12 women polled unapologetically defended Trump and his actions since taking office.

Many of them expressed discontent with the way the President talks and Tweets, describing his language as un-presidential.

One voter, Annie Anthony, said that the words he uses, like “sad” and “bad”, are akin to words a first grader would use, and do not represent the population who voted for him.

Anthony also said that adults “don’t behave that way” when referring to Trump.

Even with that criticism, in some of Anthony’s other comments she still used language that Trump does, saying that during the 2018 midterm elections she may be voting to “drain the swamp some more.”

The women described Trump as disgraceful and childish, and said he has not been presidential while representing the country.

While it’s good that some of Trump’s female voters are opening up to the possibility that they may have made the wrong decision, it is curious that they feel this way now, when he demonstrated throughout the campaign that he is not the mature, level-headed man these voters seemed to have been expecting him to turn into.

For example, Anthony mentioned that she is worried about healthcare and her rates continuing to climb.