The Prime Minister of New Zealand humiliated Trump in the classiest way possible during their first face-to-face encounter last week.



Jacinda Ardern’s 2017 electoral victory was considered an upset by most political forecasts, but it wasn’t a particularly disappointing one.

The former leader of the Labour Party, Ardern garnered 77 percent of the primary vote, running virtually unopposed within her party. A champion of women, immigrants, LGBTQ+, and the impoverished, Ardern quickly built a massive grassroots-funded campaign.

Though most New Zealand political pundits predicted another National Party victory, Ardern won the election this October, becoming the third female and second youngest prime minister in the country’s history.

Ardern owes her success to New Zealand’s mixed-member proportional voting system — a truly democratic voting system that puts U.S. politics to shame. For a further explanation as to how that works, check out the video below.

Her victory didn’t incite chaos, though. New Zealand, a shining beacon of progressivism, makes even America’s staunchest Democrats look like traditionalists.

Having participated in the 2017 Women’s March in opposition of Trump this January, it’s safe to say she’s not a huge fan of our commander-in-chief. Still, she mostly keeps her personal biases to herself.

But when Trump took a dig at Ardern during their first meeting in Asia last week, she didn’t hesitate to put him in his place.


What’s Happening Now:

During their recent dinner in Vietnam, Trump took aim at Ardern’s surprise victory, the New Zealand Prime Minister told Sky News.

“He made a side comment that I had upset a lot of people,” she said, saying his remarks may have been made “in jest” concerning her unexpected win.

In response, Ardern emphasized that Trump was, yet again, overstating the facts in blind ignorance of his own widespread opposition.

“I pointed out that no one had marched over my election to office,” she said, saying Trump “laughed … [and] did not seem offended” by her remarks.

Perhaps because he couldn’t wrap his head around her witty comeback — one which New Zealanders and Australians have readily praised on Twitter.

She narrowly avoided demolishing him twice, biting her tongue during an interview with the New Zealand Herald.

“He is consistent,” she said. “He is the same person that you see behind the scenes as he is in the public or through the media.”

Honestly, I’m envious. New Zealand — a country which rarely receives airtime in U.S. media — is making headlines for comically trashing our disastrous commander-in-chief.

Why can’t she be our president?


P.S. If you aren’t familiar with how Mixed Member Proportional Representation works, I encourage you to do some research — it’ll leave you wondering “why the hell don’t we do this?”