MSNBC host Joy Reid tried to discredit Senator Bernie Sanders, so his wife, Jane Sanders, fired back with an incredible reply.



Issues of gender equality have increasingly taken center stage. These issues involve economic equality, but also extend to rights in the workplace for women, particularly women's rights against sexual harassment.

As issues of gender equality become more prominent in politics, we have seen a horrifying trend of sexual harassment emerge. In October, the New York Times published allegations of sexual harassment against a major Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Since the allegations against Weinstein were published, many men in positions of power have been accused of sexual harassment, from sexual acts against minors to coworkers. These men in power came from various economic industries, ranging from politics and media to dining and entertainment.

Influential people like Russell Simmons, Matt Lauer, Roy Moore, Glenn Thrush, Al Franken, Louis C.K., Kevin Spacey, and more are on the expanding list of offenders. The connective tissue in the allegations is an abuse of power.

Most notably, even President Trump has had a history of sexual harassment allegations, which were seemingly supported by the “Access Hollywood” tape.

This has caused a culture of distrust of men in power to develop.


What's Happening Now:

On Wednesday, MSNBC host Joy Reid went to Twitter to voice her distrust of men in positions in power, accusing society of being an enabling factor for sexual predators.

In her Twitter rant, Reid discussed how sexual predators had operated in many industries, including entertainment and politics. She wrote about the concepts of “patriarchy” and “white privilege,” and their role in allowing men to commit sexual harassment. She continues to explain that male leadership is illegitimate because men have been in power for too long.

Reid states that “the “voice of God” in media and politics has been male (and mostly white) for forever,” and refers to the current sexual allegations that are coming against white men in positions of power in various industries.

She states that the solution would be a societal reboot and to remove the power to shape the national narrative from the hands of men.

When she argues that there are no credible authority figures, a respondent (Jeffrey Cawthorne) suggested that Bernie Sanders might be a credible figure.

Reid responded by tearing into Sanders, accusing him of having a history of discriminating women, claiming “from his weird early writings to his physical dismissal of women in his presence (including his own wife) make that an incredibly dubious prospect.”

Jane Sanders, who is known for her work as a social worker, college administrator, political staffer, as well as being the wife of Senator Bernie Sanders, i-Vt., fought back against Joy Reid's arguments on Twitter.

Sanders wrote, “I didn't answer your biased reporting about Bernie during the last 2 years @JoyAnnReid. But don't ever use me to demean my husband. I am very happy & very proud to be Bernie's wife. Your perception couldn't be more wrong. Have you ever talked with him? You've never spoken w/me.”

Do you agree with Sanders here? Is Reid in the wrong?


H/T: The Hill