Despite the various women who have brought sexual harassment charges against him, Trump still felt he had the right to say something truly disgusting.



Weinstein's accusations of sexual harassment in October have kicked off the recent ‘Me Too' movement. Many men and women have felt profoundly encouraged to step up and make their sexual harassment stories public, particularly when the acts came from people in positions of power.

With the ‘Me Too' movement, a significant number of major names have been added to the list of people accused of sexually based offenses, and more names are added constantly. The list includes major politicians from all of the branches of government, including the executive branch and the President himself.

Notably, politicians from the state and local level were accused. Some of those accused include Trent Franks, John Conyers, Roy Moore, Clarence Thomas, and more.

Some of these politicians have buckled under the pressure and pledged to resign themselves. Conyers and Franks resigned from Congress last week, but Franken did not give any information regarding a specific date.

Despite being accused by nine women (and one brought concrete evidence to the table) in November, GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has remained adamant with his denial of any sexual wrongdoing, claiming that it is a string of “fake news.”

Moore has endured many requests to end his campaign.


What's Happening Now:

President Trump has exhibited disbelief about the accusations. While GOP and Democrat politicians have urged Moore to resign from the campaign, President Trump has either given tacit or clear support to Moore since he was accused.

Shockingly, President Trump has urged voters to vote in favor of Moore and the GOP.

Additionally, information has come to the public that reveals Trump's true thoughts about the recent sexual harassment accusations.

In a private conversation, President Trump reportedly complained about the recent series of sexual misconduct claims against powerful men, suggesting that he does not believe the accusers' stories against Moore. While many politicians have been scrutinized for this pattern of sexual misconduct, President Trump relegated these developments to something illegitimate. He argued that the pressures that accused political officials have faced are “spinning out of control,” according to Politico.

Instead of considering the validity of the accusations against Moore, Trump has supported Moore as a candidate. In a phone call with GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-Ky.), he said that he had been questioning the allegations, regardless of the number of accusers or any evidence that has been uncovered.

The President has made a full endorsement for Moore and openly opposed Doug Jones, stating that this is fine because Moore “totally denies it.”

Notably, the weight given to Moore's word draws on a parallel that the two men share. Both Trump and Moore have been accused by various women of sexual misconduct and harassment. Despite evidence of these behaviors like Moore's signature in a victim's yearbook and Trump's infamous Access Hollywood tape, both politicians deny the charges.

This has set a dangerous precedent and serves to discredit any possible accusers. Trump's support of Moore seems to develop a culture that propagates the system in which people are afraid to come forward with their stories of sexual abuse.


H/T: The Hill