Trump Officials Actively Debating About North Korea ‘Bloody Nose’ Strategy: Report

U.S. officials have revealed that the downward trend in the President’s rhetoric might be leading to some truly horrific military action.

Officials have reportedly discussed the potential to conduct a targeted strike against key sites in North Korea in a “bloody nose” strategy.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the strategy would involve launching a strike at a North Korean facility as a response to a nuclear or missile test, which the country has been regularly conducting.

The strike would be a show of force on part of the U.S. and would display to North Korea the consequences of its actions without leading to a full-scale war.

The idea would be to conduct a strike against a North Korean site “to bloody Pyongyang’s nose and illustrate the high price the regime could pay for its behavior.” The Journal continued, stating that “the hope would be to make that point without inciting a full-bore reprisal by North Korea.”

Officials from the Trump administration have discussed whether the idea would even be possible. If the risky plan failed, it could result in a second Korean War. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has often warned about how badly a war with North Korea would be.

According to various reports on Tuesday, North Korea agreed to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics this year in Pyeongchang, South Korea. North Korea said during talks with South Korea that it would send a group of athletes, high-ranking officials and more to the sporting event.

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been locked in an escalating war of words for quite some time now. This feud has featured a terrifying characteristic: escalating rhetoric that seems to signal a coming war or military confrontation.

U.S.-North Korean relations have been complicated and strained due to North Korea’s commitment to their development of a nuclear program. During the first half of this decade, it has been observed that the pace of ballistic missile tests and nuclear missile tests in North Korea significantly picked up its pace under Kim Jong-un. The country has even continued their missile tests despite being urged by the international community to cease.

The series of international ballistic missile launches has certainly strained relations between North Korea and the international community. It has caused the United Nations Security Council to vote unanimously to impose sanctions on North Korea in attempt to smother its economy and incentivize the country to discontinue the missile tests.

North Korea has claimed that it used the missile tests to establish its strategic relevance in the region.

President Trump has strained the situation by claiming in September that if the U.S. was forced to defend itself or its allies, it would have “no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.”


H/T: The Hill