A recent survey concluded that some experts have minimal satisfaction with the president. This survey placed President Donald Trump dead last in a ranking of American commanders in chief.

The 2018 Presidents and Executive Politics Presidential Greatness Survey asked experts (current or former members of the Presidents and Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association) to rate each U.S. president on a scale of 0-100 for overall greatness.

The incumbent president claimed the bottom position with an astoundingly low average score of 12.34. Unsurprisingly, his scores fared much better among those voters who identified as Republicans or conservatives. According to them, he was ranked the 40th greatest president of all time.

Abraham Lincoln had taken the top position, propped up with an impressive average of 95.03. George Washington Followed closely with 92.59. Notably, the top seven spots have remained consistent for many years.

Former President Barack Obama was able to climb the list since the survey was last conducted. His ranking rose by 10 spots. He placed eight on the list with an average score of 71.13.

Interestingly, Obama came in second place when the respondents were asked which president's face should be added to Mount Rushmore next. While he took second place, he was still trailing well behind Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The survey was conducted from December 22, 2017, to Jan 16. It was based on responses from 170 experts.

The results of the survey coincide with polls that reflect a sharp decline in approval of President Trump. Throughout his the first year of the Trump administration, there were revelations and events that alienated the public.

Even predating his presidency, Trump's campaign was plagued by scandal and controversy. He was caught on tape speaking lewd comments on “Access Hollywood” and was also painted as a racist due to his rhetoric about immigrants. On one occasion, he called Mexican immigrants “criminals, drug dealers, and rapists.”

Consequently, campaign events often triggered incidents of violence, promoted sentiment against journalists, and caused protests.

Things have not improved under his presidency, as there are continual stories of audacious behavior. In just these couple of months, he has been accused of having an extramarital affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and hiring a lawyer to pay her for her silence on the matter, he called African nations “shithole countries,” and the Mueller probe continues to move forward.

The latest story to break reported that Trump asked members at the Mar-A-Lago Golf Club for advice on gun control just days after the Parkland shooting.


H/T: The Hill