Russia Just Claimed That They Stopped Mitt Romney From Becoming Secretary Of State

Russia claims it was the entity that put a stop to Mitt Romney being appointed to Secretary of State.

Early last year, Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with MI-6, published a controversial dossier. While the compilation of information remains unverified, it made some damning allegations against Trump and his ties to Russia. It is now known as the ‘Golden Shower’ dossier.

The document’s accusations spread quickly across the nation and ignited an intensive interest in the investigation into Russia’s interference in the US presidential election as well as possible ties with the Trump campaign.

Steele is making shock waves once again, as it appears to have been revealed that Russia successfully stopped former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney from becoming President Trump’s secretary of State.

In a report about Christopher Steele, The New Yorker pointed to a separate dossier authored by the former MI-6 spy. It is claimed that the second dossier was created with the input of a “senior Russian official.”

According to the source, certain individuals within Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had claimed that they prevented Romney from becoming the head of the State Department.

Steele’s memo stated that Russia had used “unspecified channels” to request that Trump choose a secretary of State who was likely to remove “Ukraine-related sanctions.”

On top of this, the Kremlin also wanted the department’s head to be flexible and accommodate Russia’s desires regarding Syria. Russia has been in support of President Bashar Assad during the country’s civil war, so an ideal candidate would allow the Russians to operate as they please.

Furthermore, the Russian official claimed that Romney was being considered for the State Department position and had even met with Trump during the transition period, but was not chosen for the position.

Instead, it was announced that Rex Tillerson would be given the position. This was probably due to Romney’s strong stance against Russia. During his 2012 presidential campaign, this was apparent, especially during debates with former President Obama.

The contents of this second dossier point towards an alarming conclusion. If the allegations are true, then the Russian interference with U.S. politics is incredibly deeply-rooted. This would mean that Russian interests have been manipulated to be a priority of American politics.

The probe into Russian interference spearheaded by Robert Mueller is seeking to confirm or disprove allegations like these. Since the 2016 presidential election, the investigation has made significant developments, ensnaring a substantial amount of Trump’s associates. Indictments have been declared and former campaign workers are agreeing to flip. It is only a matter of time before the president is caught in a lie.

President Trump has not agreed to an interview with Mueller.


H/T: The Hill