Teachers Just Issued A Scathing Response To Betsy DeVos For Her Repulsive Marketing Gimmick

President Trump’s pick for Education Secretary Besty DeVos has been a subject of controversy since it was announced. After Trump announced assigning the position to her, the public criticized the choice due to her inexperience in politics and inability to truly understand what public schooling is like.

While teachers have been some of the most outspoken critics of DeVos, they have recently joined together to deal a massive hit to the education secretary after she posted stock photos and used them to make a claim about how classrooms in public schools are structured.

In a Tweet, Devos asked “Does this look familiar?” providing an image of an older classroom next to a stock photo of a contemporary classroom.

“Students lined up in rows. A teacher in front of a blackboard. Sit down; don’t talk; eyes up front. Wait for the bell. Walk to the next class,” she added. “Everything about our lives has moved beyond the industrial era. But American education largely hasn’t.”

Teachers bitterly responded by attacking DeVos’ tweet. Teachers shared photos of their own students to show that their classrooms were not structured in a way that supported her claims.

“Don’t you know that stock photos aren’t real? How many classrooms have you visited in the past year? Classrooms don’t look like that anymore. Students don’t work like that anymore,” one teacher tweeted at DeVos.

“Actually, your stock photos looks unfamiliar. In my classroom, and many others (that you probably don’t know about) students are the agents of their own learning and often are the ones up in front of the class teaching and learning with each other,” another teacher tweeted.

The messages from the teachers support the repeated criticism from two of the US’ major teachers unions, who have been at odds with Devos since her confirmation. The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association were among groups that attempted to deliver report cards with “failing” grades to DeVos last month to mark her first year as secretary. The groups were blocked from entering the building.

DeVos had also made a visit to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of last month’s Florida school shooting. Her visit sparked further criticism and backlash from shooting survivors and advocats on social media.

“Do something unexpected: Answer our questions,” Aly Sheehy tweeted at DeVos. “You came to our school just for publicity and avoided our questions for the 90 minutes you were actually here. How about you do your job?”

Following the visit, she spoke about arming school staff, but when she was pressed to speak further about the topic, she walked away from her podium and abruptly ended the press conference.


H/T: The Hill