The reports of an alleged affair between adult-film actress Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump are leading to astonishing developments.

In response to a recent revelation, MSNBC commentator Donny Deutsch issued a warning. He referred to the consequences that President Trump would face if adult film star Stormy Daniels claims she was threatened with physical harm.

“Is it fair to say, legal aside, if Stormy Daniels comes out and says that she was … physically threatened harm by either the president himself or somebody very close, that, and it seems to be credible, that in and of itself would bring down this presidency with what is going on in the world right now,” Deutsch said on MSNBC's “Morning Joe.” He then urged others to think about the implications of such a thing.

These comments follow a statement given by Daniel's attorney on Friday, who had said that his client had been threatened with physical harm in connection to her alleged affair with the president.

When asked on “Morning Joe” whether Daniels had ever been threatened with physical harm, Michael Avenatti, said “yes.”

It remains unclear who allegedly threatened Daniels or what the threats were. Deutsch still insisted that the comments were “nothing short of stunning.”

Stormy Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford, was dragged into the spotlight earlier this year after The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, had paid her $130,000 in hush money back in 2016 just before the presidential election.

The Journal then found that the payment was facilitated through a private company established by Cohen to pay a representative of Daniels. After initially denying that he had made the payment, he admitted that he did, but has rejected that Trump reimbursed him or knew about the payment.

Daniels is now attempting to sue to void the nondisclosure agreement which prevents her from speaking about her alleged affair with Trump more than a decade ago.

The White House has denied Trump ever had an affair with Daniels.

Cohen has responded to the recent developments by capitalizing on the NDA. Trump's personal lawyer filed a claim seeking $1 million for each violation of the agreement. According to Cohen's bookkeepers, Clifford will have to pay $20 million in damages.

Regardless of the damage fees, Clifford is set to interview with Anderson Cooper a week from this Sunday on CBS' 60 Minutes.

Meanwhile, Daniels attorney reacted to Cohen’s lawsuit via Twitter, saying “the fact that a sitting president is pursuing over $20M in bogus ‘damages' against a private citizen, who is only trying to tell the public what really happened, is remarkable. Likely unprecedented in our history. We are NOT going away and we will NOT be intimidated.”


H/t: The Hill