Since the announcement of his campaign, concerns revolved around President Donald Trump's business ventures. The president is a well-known businessman and he had run on that platform, but a desirable president must seek the well-being of the country, not his business interests.

The Trump administration has ultimately drawn a lot of scrutiny from watchdog groups and the public, who want no connection between the presidency and any firms.

It has been argued by some that President Trump had not adequality separated himself from his family's business affairs, despite Trump turning over the Trump Organization to his two sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, when he took office.

According to reports, a Texas hedge fund manager with business connections with Donald Trump Jr. was able to meet with top national security officials last year. The businessman met with the officials to pitch a plan that would aid American firms in Venezuela.

It was suggested that the connection between the two was what secured Beach a meeting with top officials.

Court records and documents obtained by The AP showed a clear tie between Trump Jr. and Gentry Beach. The two had engaged in business with each other since the mid-2000s. These documents also revealed that the two recently formed a company together.

Last April, Beach, along with an Iraqi-American businessman, met with National Security Council Officials. The two pitched a proposal to minimize sanctions in Venezuela in order to develop economic opportunities for U.S. companies operating in the Northern South American region. was the first outlet to report about the meeting. Notably, a source privy to the gathering had told them that officials chose to not act on the pitch, but made a point to say that the officials were directed to take the meeting due to Beach's ties to Trump Jr.

The Trump Organization made a statement that insisted that Trump Jr. had not influenced meetings with “anyone at the White House or any other government agency.”

In a statement to the AP, Beach supported the Trump Organization's claims. He said that he never used his relationship with Trump Jr. to gain favor with the government.

An attorney for the Trump Organization acknowledged that Trump Jr. had ties with Beach. He emphasized a previously released statement that claimed that the relationship was “strictly personal.”

A significant amount of watchdog groups have filed complains with the president, arguing that the Trump Organization has been using the presidency to enrich itself.


H/T: The Hill