When asked what he would tell his younger self on Thursday, President Trump responded by admitting that he would tell himself not to run for president.


“What advice would you give to the 25-year-old Donald Trump, knowing what you know today?” he was asked during a youth forum.

“Don't run for president,” Trump responded. His answer was met with a din of laughter and applause, despite the disrespect for the highest office in America. His daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump, also reacted with laughter.

Trump elaborated on his perplexing response by claiming that he was more widely supported during his career as a businessman and reality TV star.

“I got the greatest publicity. I was getting such great — until I ran for office,” he said.

The president then seemingly addressed his incredibly low approval ratings (which have been reported to be around 40%) and went on a tangent about the news outlets.

“People get it. People really do get it. There is a lot of fake news out there,” he continued. “Nobody had any idea. I’m actually proud of the fact I exposed it to a large extent because we exposed it. It’s an achievement.”

“And you have some great news,” he added. “When I say fake, I don't mean everybody. Not every one of those many people back there. I just say we have shown something that a lot of people didn't really understand.”

“If you look at approval ratings, their approval ratings – sorry folks – it's down the tubes because people have found out how dishonest it is,” he said, fueling his consistent narrative about fake news.

“However, you have some great, great reporters. You have some great people in the press, people that I have tremendous respect for and it is that way also,” Trump said. “It is reassuring to know that that's the fact.”

Trump's claims coincide with a political arena that is shifting in favor of Democrat politicians.

One of the most popular criticisms of the Trump administration is its constant attack on the press. It is a concerning strategy that has endured throughout his presidency and existed during his presidential campaign.

Leaders that mitigate the ability of the press to convey news essentially hijack the truth and report things to support their own narrative. The Trump administration has been deeming certain news as “fake,” despite later evidence that proves the contrary.

Notably, Trump will always praise news outlets that favor conservative ideology.

The segment of the forum can be watched below:


H/T: The Hill