In Wake Of Trump Militarizing Our Southern Border, Oregon Governor Just Took A Bold Stand

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) promised to resist a recent order from the president. The governor said that she would reject the request from President Trump to deploy National Guard troops to the U.S. southern border.

“If @realDonaldTrump asks me to deploy Oregon Guard troops to the Mexico border, I’ll say no,” Brown posted on Twitter. “As Commander of Oregon’s Guard, I’m deeply troubled by Trump’s plan to militarize our border.”

“There’s been no outreach by the President or federal officials, and I have no intention of allowing Oregon’s guard troops to be used to distract from his troubles in Washington,” she added.

Governor Brown’s tweets follow Trump’s announcement to deploy National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexican border to mitigate the consequences of illegal immigration.

On Wednesday, Trump signed the order and directed Defense Secretary James Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to deploy the troops. He stated that the securing of the border was meant “to stop the flow of deadly drugs and other contraband, gang members and other criminals, and illegal aliens into this country.”

Nielsen backed Trump’s order, claiming that the order would help mitigate the immigration system that “rewards bad behavior.”

“The threat is real,” she said. “This threatens not only the safety of our communities and children but also our very rule of law, on which, as you know, our country was founded.”

The Homeland secretary also added that the number of immigrants crossing the border illegally has steadily increased over the past year.

Trump first suggested the tactic on Tuesday. He argued that troops should be deployed to defend the border until his proposed wall can be built.

In recent days, the president has also been tweeting about other frustrations with immigration policy, particularly about DACA and the “caravan” of migrants that are getting closer to the U.S. border. He has been repeatedly asking Congress to enact tougher regulations.

The caravan is part of an annual protest by the group Pueblo Sin Fronteras and most of its participants do not often cross the border into the States.

Other significant figures have also responded negatively to Trump’s order.

“Trump’s National Guard ploy is just plain stupid,” said Frank Sharry, the executive director of the liberal advocacy group America’s Voice. “This is about Trump’s incompetence, petulance and xenophobia.”

Specific details about Trump’s plan have not been made publicly available. It is unknown how many troops would be deployed, the length of their deployment, or even associated costs.


H/T: The Hill